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Franchise Ownership opportunity for Martial Arts Studio

SDSS Martial Arts (
Business Ownership Opportunities


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United States

Franchise Owner for Martial Arts Studio
Fairfield County, CT and Boston MA

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for others.

We Are Growing
SDSS Martial Arts is nationally established and worldwide credentialed company with 14 locations in the North East (CT, MA, NH). Our Senior Staff has been running successful studios for over 35 years. Our proven business model is designed to provide a platform for upward mobility and ultimately partnership and ownership in a location. Ownership allows an individual to have more control over their own career destiny. More than 50% of our staff is now invested in their SDSS location.

WHAT WE DO: SDSS Teaches Children, Teens, and Adults Martial Arts

Children/Teens: Our goal is to enhance character development with concepts of Respect, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and Honesty through the experience of FUN martial arts. 80% of all classes are with children/teens, so the desire to work with them and ?make a difference? is an absolute must.

Adults: Our Goal is to teach an effective self-defense system to provide self-preservation and confidence, with healthy living as a byproduct of their training.

We have 2 levels of opportunities:


1. Employee Opportunity:
a. Entry Level Instructor/Program Director
b. Senior Level Instructor/ Program Director
c. District Manager (5 years required w/ SDSS)

2. Employee Ownership Opportunity:
a. Employment includes all employee opportunities as listed above
b. Initial partial ownership buy-in % to new location
c. Initial majority ownership buy-in % to new location
d. Over time buy-in to location for % ownership
e. Our Ownership level can pay $70,000-$150,000++ per yeaer based on % of ownership.
Note: At ownership level, individuals finance or raise capital for acquiring a % of a Studio.

Benefits at all Opportunity Levels:
1. Base Salary with Bonus Commission
2. 3-4 Weeks? Vacation (mostly all major holiday weeks)
3. Health Insurance, Company pay in.
4. Weekly Training, Martial Arts/Business/Teaching
5. Upward mobility, whatever you put in you will definitely get out of this company.
6. Leadership

Training Includes 6 months at our SDSS Instructors Academy of Professional Martial Artists:
1. Training in Authentic Martial Arts
2. Training in How to Teach Martial Arts to All Ages
3. Training in How to promote and grow a Martial Arts School

1. Running and assisting with management of a SDSS Martial Arts Studio
2. Teaching a variety of private and group martial arts classes

High School graduate minimum (College Graduate preferred)
Experience in Sales a must!!
Phone Skills a must!!!
Experience in teaching a plus
Self-motivated, responsible, and have outstanding people skills.
Demonstrate strong communication skills
Strong Desire to work with others of all ages
Highly Energetic Personality a must!!
Strong Background Checks

If you are interested, please send your information and resume along with a cover letter to: [email protected]

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.


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