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The Reverse Unit Operator is solely responsible for the safe operation of the Reverse Unit and Power
Swivel for performing services on oil and gas wells as specified by the customer. The duties of the
Reverse Unit Operator include the ability to read, understand, and independently implement the
Customer's project procedures. S/he must have technical expertise that will enable her/him to make
decisions, when the customer is unavailable, to change procedures as the well conditions change. The
Operator ensures the loading, transportation, unloading at the job site, operations and maintenance of the Reverse Unit equipment is performed within the guidelines of the Standard Operating Procedures. All duties of the Reverse Unit Operator are to be performed according to the Company operating procedures in order to maximize the safety of all personnel at the work site and to efficiently perform the task.

* Ability to read, write and speak English to the extent that s/he is able to understand verbal and
written instructions as well as able to give verbal and written instructions; and the ability to
perform calculations using whole numbers, fractions and decimals (addition, subtraction,
division and multiplication ) to make job related calculations.
* Must have good knowledge of oil field and related equipment associated with
pumping of oil field fluids and drilling operations using a power swivel.
* Must qualify to be on the company Approved Drivers list.
* Must have the knowledge required to calculate displacement, volumes, weights, pipe tallies
and knowledge of pump capabilities, torque ratings for power swivels, bit sizes, weights of
tubulars used and truck ratings allowed by Local, State, Company and Federal regulations.
* Heavy Work- Exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25 to 50 pounds of force
frequently, and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical Demand
requirements are in excess of those for Medium Work.
* This position requires standing, walking, and sitting while working either indoors or outdoors.
* While performing the job, will be required to lift/carry, pull/push, reach, squat, kneel, and or climb
ladders or stairs.
* Working conditions for this position may involve exposure to varying environmental conditions. This
may include chemicals, gases, cold/heat, noise, dampness, dust, fumes, radiation and heights.
Exposure to the above conditions should be handled as prescribed in the Company's Accident
Prevention Handbook and/or the Company's Standard Operating Procedures.

1. Ability to perform the decision making necessary to encompass the overall Position Definition.
2. Adheres to Company policies and work requirements.
3. Ensures the movement of the Reverse Unit and associated equipment required for the job.
4. The Operator "spots" the equipment (placed in position), on the location to ensure all suction
and discharge lines are hooked up from the reverse unit to the well and from the reverse unit to
the pit and tank properly. Reverse units are used to "kill the well," circulate the hole and fill the
hole with fluid. The power swivel is used to drill additional well bore or deepen the well, drill out
plugs such as cement, and cast iron bridge plugs. The Operator is required to determine depths,
set correct pump pressure, and monitor drilling returns during the drilling operations.
5. Maintains the required knowledge in all applicable DOT rules and regulations and all job
related Company, Local, State and Federal requirements.
6. Maintains accurate records and completes accurate work tickets based on the Company's and
customer's requirements of the work performed. The Operator is responsible for alerting
appropriate supervision when mechanical defects are noted on equipment.
7. The Reverse Unit Operator must understand maintenance concepts of all equipment within
his/her control.
8. Ensures the equipment within his/her control is maintained and repairs are carried out as
9. Requires various types and levels of job related training with respect to the operations of the
equipment and Company Standard Operating Procedures and also other specialized training as
required by regulatory agencies and the Company.
10. Calculates pump requirements and make decisions concerning the proper equipment to
perform all types of jobs.


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