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C&J Energy Services is one of the most dynamic companies in the oilfield services industry. We are an energetic, fast-moving leader, offering the most in-demand services and operating in the hottest shale regions. Our company went public in 2011 and has achieved record growth ever since. Our rapid success allows us to offer great opportunities at all levels of our company, which is why the best people in the business want to join our ranks. Perhaps you will be the next.


The Vacuum Truck Driver drives and operates the Vacuum Truck picking up, hauling and
unloading various oil field related fluids including fresh water, brine (salt) water, frac fluids,
drilling mud and other well servicing, drilling and production fluids, from and to various sites and
sources. All duties of the Vacuum Truck Driver are to be performed consistent with Company
operating procedures to maximize the safety of all personnel at the work site and to efficiently
perform the task.

* Pass the company's drug screen.
* Pass the company's "Physical Functions Assessment".
* Motor vehicle record qualifies individual to be an approved company Driver.
* Acceptable criminal history.
* Ability to read, write and speak English to the extent that they are able to understand verbal
and written instructions as well as give verbal and written instructions in English; and the ability
to use simple mathematical calculations using whole numbers, fractions and decimals (addition,
subtraction, division and multiplication) to make job related calculations.
* Heavy Work- Exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25 to 50 pounds of
force frequently, and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical
Demand requirements are in excess of those for Medium Work.
* This position requires standing, walking, and sitting while working either indoors or outdoors.
* While performing the job, will be required to lift/carry, pull/push, reach, squat, kneel, and or
climb ladders or stairs.
* Working conditions for this position may involve exposure to varying environmental
conditions. This may include chemicals, gases, cold/heat, noise, dampness, dust, fumes,
radiation and heights. Exposure to the above conditions should be handled as prescribed in
the Company's Accident Prevention Handbook and/or the Company's Standard Operating
* Must have A valid CDL A drivers license with the proper endorsements required for
the type vehicle operated, issued by state of residence.
* Must have the applicable knowledge of DOT Rules and Regulations as required for the
* Will be required to work evenings, weekends, holidays and nights as required for the
* Must have basic knowledge of the oil field and related equipment associated with the
trucking of oil field fluids.

1. The Vacuum Truck Driver drives the Vacuum Truck to the customers' location(s) to pick up
fluids used in well servicing operations. S/he pulls hose(s) from the hose tray and connects
one end to the Truck and puts the other end into the pit or connects to A tank to extract fluid.
This position requires monitoring of the amount of fluid extracted and the amount of fluid the
vacuum Truck is lawfully allowed to haul, and other situations presented by the site or the
2. The Vacuum Truck Driver is required to drive the Truck to and from the loading site or
customers' locations, disposal site(s) or back to the area location. This will require the
operator to be knowledgeable of all applicable DOT rules and regulations; and all job related
Company, Local, State and Federal requirements.
3. This position will require the employee to maintain accurate work tickets based on the
Company's requirements and the work performed for the customer(s) as well as the ability to
maintain accurate driving log books, pre-trip / post-trip inspections and maintenance files on
the vehicle. This position is responsible for alerting appropriate supervision when mechanical
defects are noted on the Truck as well as alerting supervision when work hours may exceed the
DOT maximums.
4. An understanding of basic maintenance concepts is required to perform light to heavy repairs
as necessary. All brake work performed on the vehicle will require the Driver to have the
proper brake certification. This position requires the use of hand tools and other equipment
associated with the vehicle.
5. This position requires various types and levels of job related training with respect to the
operation of the equipment, Company Standard Operating Procedures and other specialized
training as required by regulatory agencies and the Company.
6. Performs and assumes other duties and responsibilities as may be required by immediate
7. Performs the primary thinking called for and encompassed by the overall Position Definition.
8. Adheres to Company policies and work requirements.


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