Project Management Analyst Sr



  full-time   employee

District of Columbia
United States

The candidate will coordinate internal and external communications for PEO Aircraft Carriers programs with a variety of government, contractor, and industry organizations, primarily in the Washington DC area.  Stakeholders include NAVSEA, Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV), the Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development & Acquisition (ASN RD&A), Naval Reactors (NAVSEA 08), Chief of Naval Information (CHINFO), Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA), and Office of Financial Management and Budget (FMB).

The Contractor shall:

  • Track Public Affairs, Media Events and Releases, and Congressional Affairs having an impact on PEO Aircraft Carriers Programs.
  • Coordinate PEO Aircraft Carriers programs Congressional and public affairs with stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and gather information for media inquiries.
  • Provide support for audits and investigations.
  • Provide input to and coordination of annual issue papers.
  • Coordinate input and monitor progress of PEO Aircraft Carriers legislative proposals as required.
  • Coordinate, gather information, and draft responses to Foreign Government inquires, as required.
  • Coordinate, gather information, and draft responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries.
  • Review pertinent publications for items relevant to PEO Aircraft Carriers (e.G. Early Bird, CHINFO Clips).
  • Prepare responses to general public inquiries on Aircraft Carriers.
  • Draft, edit, and coordinate professional publication articles for PEO Aircraft Carriers (e.G. Seapower Magazine, Surface Warfare Magazine).
  • Prepare PEO Aircraft Carriers media materials and participation in special events (e.G., Sea-Air-Space, Aircraft Carrier Day on the Hill, American Society of Naval Engineer (ASNE) Conferences).
  • Develop press packets for distribution to media representatives.
  • Investigate potential sources for PEO Aircraft Carriers representation (speaking engagements, press releases, and displays).
  • Develop/update and execute the PEO Marketing plan, to include:
  • Prepare annual Marketing Plan for PEO Aircraft Carriers and update the plan quarterly.
  • Develop PEO Aircraft Carriers Marketing Plan briefing. Present Marketing Plan to audiences.
  • Prepare speeches, presentations, briefings, and/or point papers in support of the PEO Aircraft Carriers Marketing Plan.
  • Coordinate briefing materials for key stakeholder personnel in operating Aircraft Carriers to provide familiarization with underway Aircraft Carrier operations.
  • Prepare marketing materials for distribution at events and to the press.
  • Maintain auditable program records and files in hard copy or electronic copy format as appropriate and directed. These files shall summarize daily efforts and capture key events and decisions in support of PEO Aircraft Carriers media and congressional interaction.
  • Develop, maintain and oversee an Action Item Tracking System for PEO actions and a Reports Tickler System for PEO reports. Act as administrator for the respective systems.
  • Serve as content manager and neighborhood leader for PEO Aircraft Carriers on NAVSEA City/Sharepoint Intranet as required
  • Assist in Coordinating All Hands Meetings.
  • Provide training to PEO Staff on Congressional and Media procedures.
  • Provide input to the PEO Aircraft Carrier Management Metrics, including identification of new tasks and task completion status.
  • Operations support shall be proficient in the use of government administrative databases including but not limited to the following computer based programs: MODERN (personnel database), Standard Automated Inventory and Referral System (STAIRS), Defense Travel System (DTS), TURBO PREP (used for naval messages), Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application (SLDCADA), PEO Carriers Serial Log (used for correspondence tracking), INET or equivalent government security software, IDWORKS or equivalent government security software, Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS), Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), Customer Support Unit (CSU), Common Message Process, etc.
  • Update and maintain the Aircraft Carriers Congressional Affairs and Public Affairs metrics as required.
  • Coordinate with Graphics Personnel and Program Offices to develop and maintain a Livelink and IDE database of current presentations, filed by SSIC.
  • Update the Visual Management Boards as required.


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