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Fort Campbell ( US Army Base)
United States

Job Summary
The Truck Driver, Tractor Trailer will operate and conduct daily preventative maintenance procedures before, during and after daily Truck, tractor, trailer and bus operations. Maintain all required daily dispatch log books and forms for assigned vehicles.
Principal Accountabilities
  • Operate tractor and trailer to and from unit areas, airfield, rail facility, barge sites, and in and around Ft. Campbell within a 70 mile radius.
  • Safely secure cargo to trailer or Truck.
  • Assist in loading and unloading equipment onto tractor/trailers, trucks, aircraft, railcars, barge decks, in warehouses, motor pools, and other locations as required.
  • Assist in rail, barge, Truck, aircraft loading and downloading operations as required.
  • Maintain dispatch records and perform PMCS before, during and after operations on other equipment as required.
  • Assist in cargo inspection and placement into chalks.
  • Assist in scale operations, push/pull teams, cargo securing, and baggage load and unloading.
  • Assist in properly weighing and marking cargo for airlift, rail, barge, and other surface movements.
  • Use a weight and balance formula to determine center of balance on equipment.
  • After computing the center of balance of the equipment, mark its location and gross weight on both sides of the equipment using weather resistant masking tape, and mark axle weights above each axle on both sides of the equipment.
  • For Joint Inspections, assist AMC in inspecting cargo and documenting on DD form 2133.
  • Assist in inspecting secondary cargo, and verifying that it is secured properly.
  • Assist in joint inspection of pallets for correct dimensions.
  • Verify proper side and top net assembly around cargo.
  • Assist in inspecting 463L pallets, ISU-90s, ISU-60s, and containers to verify that they meet suitability for aircraft, rail, barge, surface usability.
  • Verify that military shipping labels are placed properly on cargo and marked with the actual gross weights.
  • Assist push/pull team in loading/unloading K loaders.
  • Document equipment loaded on rail cars, barge decks, aircraft, and trucks.
  • Conduct safety briefings.
  • Assist teams in ground guiding and operational safety for aircraft, rail, barge and surface loading/unloading at all times.
  • Perform road crossing guard duties when required.
  • Prepare and maintain documents for the issue, return, and receipt of International Standardization Organization (ISO) containers on the installation and those issued to supported units and activities IAW DOD 4500.9-R-1, Vol 1, AR 710-2 and Memorandum of Instruction for Receipt and Return of 20-foot Containers.
  • Inspect, maintain, issue, and receive MILVANs.
  • Conduct monthly inventory to validate 100% accountability of ISO containers.
  • Inspect and certify containers to International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) serviceability IAW MIL-HDBK 138A and DOD 4500.9-R-1, Vol I.
  • Relocate unserviceable ISO containers for repair/disposal.
  • Reposition or retrieve containers and 463L pallet systems when necessary as directed by the Contracting Officer or designated representative. Inspect, maintain, inventory, issue and receive on-hand 10-Ton MILVAN dollies and 12-Ton 2-wheel MILVAN chassis IAW DOD 4500.9-R-1, Vol I.
  • Operate radio communication system during all operations.
  • Attend training and meetings as required.
  • Perform other qualified duties as assigned.
Knowledge & Skills
  • Ability to perform task independently with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to perform work in a safe manner to prevent loss or damage of equipment.

Experience & Education

  • A minimum of 1-3 year's experience as Tractor Trailer Operator is required.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Complete the NAC background check.
  • Must have valid CDL-A or B endorsement DOT drivers' license and current Medical Card.
  • Airfield operations require AMC certification and licensing on airfield equipment.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Work is performed on concrete, uneven, irregular flooring configurations (i.e., pallet rollers, steel decking).
  • Exposed to high noise levels above 85db requiring the use of hearing protection.
  • There is frequent exposure to the possibility of cuts, bruises, and strains.
  • Frequent exposure to all extreme weather elements.
  • Required to wear safety equipment such as safety shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection, and reflective vest/belt (PPE).
  • Work requires frequent lifting, pushing, carrying, and handling of objects weighing up to 45 pounds and occasionally over 45 pounds with two-man rule.
  • Work requires prolonged standing, stooping, kneeling, bending, climbing, and frequently must reach into difficult-to-access areas; and work in tiring and uncomfortable positions.


  • Local travel approximately 50% of time.


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