Technical Training Analyst - HITS - Ft Carson, CO



  full-time   employee

Fort Carson
United States

Essential Job Functions:

  • Primary customer contact and communicator for the tactical maneuver Commander and staff. 
  • Assists client to determine training objectives attainable through the use of simulations and translates identified goals into scenarios using military artistic experience and knowledge. 
  • Support Observer Controller (OC) team with situational awareness and tactical knowledge.
  • Operate HITS computer system to create, consolidate, edit, and print products. 
  • Produce and reproduce overlays and perform graphics and data input into computer systems.
  • Coordinates and schedules with Army technicians, provide training support to include observation and analysis in real-time and from stored exercise data, as well as data transmission events to include: providing battlefield situational awareness, training packets containing hard and electronic media copy, and audio/video, including archiving of pertinent graphical, video, and voice data.
  • Supervises the staff?s rehearsals for specific assigned training events to ensure quality presentation during the training event. During and after the event, captures and develops an After Action Review (AAR) product using audio, visual, and graphic media which is provided to the customer.
  • Assist the customer in identifying the requirements, planning and scheduling the event, developing the training scenarios to be employed, initializing the systems, and creating the artificial battlefield environment ensuring that all simulators are arrayed in a manner consistent with current military doctrine. Professional: Technical Trainers are often required to role-play during training events during which they must provide radio reports and tactical instructions to Government Personnel.
  • Direct military unit leaders and unit aircrews and/or ground crews throughout the entire event to include detailed scheduling and sequencing, presentation of orientation and safety/security briefings, conduct of the exercise and conduct the AAR.
  • Work singularly with the customer group to orchestrate the entire training evolution from the time the customers enter the facility until training is completed to the satisfaction of the unit commanders and leaders.
  • Planning, coordination, and preparation, both independently and with military unit leaders and representatives.
  • Conduct briefings.
  • Perform Scenario development, modification and testing.
  • Perform execution and commander role player functions.
  • Conduct and guide commanders and leaders through AARs.
  • Regularly contributes to the development of new concepts, techniques, and standards.
  • Teaches basic classes, both on-site and on-line, for the company's applications and systems which may include lectures and/or hands-on sessions.
  • Assists in writing training material from engineering documentation, field service requirements or software documentation to support training. Reviews with senior level trainers and/or engineering, technical support, and/or applicable area to ensure that material is accurate and reflects current product features.
  • Gathers and summarizes course evaluations to provide data for review by senior level trainers to determine the effectiveness of training.
  • Assists in the review of external training programs to determine feasibility of purchase.
  • Gains proficiency in and remains informed of applicable company products.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, computer science, engineering or related field preferred
  • Two or more years of technical training experience
  • Experience working with company software, systems, applications and network products
  • Experience working with communications practices, principles and procedures for both on-site and on-line presentations

Other Qualifications:

  • Two additional years related experience.
  • General knowledge of industry practices, techniques, and standards.
  • Graduate Army Advanced Non-Commissioned officer Course preferred.
  • Tactical planning experience at the Company, Battalion or Brigade level preferred.
  • Experience as a Data Analyst at the NTC, CMTC, JRTC and/or experience as a platoon, company or battalion level (equivalent) observer controller or equivalent military experience preferred.
  • Must currently possess at a minimum an Interim security clearance and be able to obtain/maintain an active/valid US security clearance.
  • Basic communication skills to write training procedures
  • Presentation skills to train and educate employees on technical material and applications
  • Basic interpersonal skills for interacting with all levels of employees
  • Comprehension skills for understanding products and applying knowledge to presentation
  • Personal computer and business solutions software skills
  • Basic analytical skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Ability to maintain high level of confidentiality regarding employee information
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability and desire to actively pursue learning opportunities in the technical/engineering and training fields
  • Ability to understand and apply federal, state and local changes to and/or new regulations/laws pertaining to human resources
  • Willingness to travel

Work Environment:

  • Varies depending on location
  • Must be able to travel to various locations.

Note: This job description describes the general nature of the duties and requirements of the job. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list or to limit the supervisor's ability to modify work assignments as appropriate, within multiple training domains and/or work site locations.


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