Instrumentation Engineer(FAA)



  full-time   employee

Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States

R&D DIRECTLY RELATED TO AIRPORTS AND AIRPORT OPERATIONS: GDIT provides R&D services in the areas of airport pavement design and airport surface safety. Our engineers support Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation by collecting, updating, and analyzing Construction Cycle data. We maintain and support the operations of the FAA?s National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NATPF) and the National Airport Pavement and Materials Research Center (NAPMRC). CSRA engineers develop, install, and conduct Field Instrumentation and Testing at airports throughout the country. Since its inception, we have supported, maintained, and achieved accreditation of the NextGen Pavement Materials Laboratory. Our engineers and technicians provide technical/mechanical support to Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting, Visual Guidance of signage, lighting, and markings to reduce runway incursions and increase situational awareness. We develop and maintain the FAA?s Wildlife Strike Database and support Airport Design and Operations efforts to evaluate problematic geometry, identify operational issues at our nation?s airports, and increase safety through the evaluation of Innovative Sensor Technology. We also support evaluation of Environmental Effects of aircraft noise at airports and conduct Airport Safety Data Analysis of accidents to identify the top airport safety risks for mitigation.

Shall have a 4-year B. S. degree from an accredited college or university with at least 5 years of experience which demonstrates a professional knowledge of the instrumentation of civil engineering structures and data systems.  Professional knowledge is defined as the comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of advances concepts and principles, practices, and techniques of instrumenting civil engineering structures (preferably pavements) in the civil engineering field, and able to develop, program, manage and maintain the data acquisition systems with its components.


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