Scoring Range Technician 1C271 (W207) - Military Veterans Wanted

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Join the ManTech team of highly skilled F-15 Maintainers, keeping a fleet of some of the most successful fighter jets ever designed in the air and on mission.

Whether you've retired, separated from the Air Force, or planning for your USAF separation, we want to discuss your future with ManTech. Our teams of F-15 maintainers conduct on-the-job training (OJT) and direct hands-on maintenance, working alongside passionate people to keep these world-class fighter jets in the sky.

Our program is a rarity in overseas contracting: We offer 40 hour work weeks in Saudi Arabia, a geographically centralized country that you are free to explore. With 30 days of vacation and 11 holidays, you will have the opportunity to visit the nations of Africa, Europe, and the rest of Asia easily and conveniently. Add in the potential tax advantages, free housing and transportation, and you have an exciting opportunity that provides memories to last a lifetime.

ManTech Mission Solutions & Services Group established itself as an industry leader in worldwide technology supporting the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force as well as other key Department of Defense customers. We would like to talk to YOU about joining us!

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• To perform all duties of responsibility as range scoring technician in a professional manner to ensure aircrew receive accurate scoring information in the range during day and night weaponry attacks
• To perform all duties and tasks assigned by RSO
• To document the results of firing in the manned and tactical range and report weapon scores and the serviceability state of scoring targets to all concerned
• To determine if the target needs maintenance inside the target area and inform the maintenance people to repair
• To make sure that the squadrons receive all the scoring results
• Record the range scoring results and inform the people who require those results and maintain that target
• To turn on all equipment for range scoring before scoring occurs and ensure all equipment is safe to use
• To report and coordinate the weather with Safety Range Officer and all agencies
• To make sure to acquire the daily flying schedules from each squadron in a timely manner

• (Air Force OR technician) with bachelor degree, or HS/diploma and extensive experience
• Specialty: (1) Explosive distraction technician (EOD) OR Weapons, (2) ATC, and (3) flight operation technician
• USAF AFSC: 1C271 or equivalent
• Prefer to be have technical experience or qualified as a range scoring technician
• Able to speak, read, and write in the English language with a basic English score of not less than 70
• Able to use a computer at an intermediate level
• Qualified with training as a practical range scoring technician. Should be assessed by a qualified and certified range scoring technician
• Should have experience in reading and determining if the weather is within Range minimum