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Computer Operator 1 - Military veterans preferred

DAV-Force Inc. (
Defense Contracting

24 /hr

  full-time   part-time   contract

Andrews Air Force Base
United States

Work Description for Computer Operator I:

14040 COMPUTER OPERATOR (Occupational Base)
The Computer Operator monitors and operates the control console of either a mainframe digital computer or a group of minicomputers, in accordance with operating instructions, to process data. Work is characterized by the following:
? Studies operating instructions to determine equipment setup needed.
? Loads equipment with required items (tapes, cards, paper, etc.).
? Switches necessary auxiliary equipment into system;
? Diagnoses and corrects equipment malfunctions;
? Reviews error messages and makes corrections during operation or refers problems;
? Maintains operating record.

This operator may test run new or modified programs and assists in modifying systems or programs. Included within the scope of this definition are fully qualified Computer Operators, trainees working to become fully qualified operators, and lead operators providing technical assistance to lower level positions.

The Computer Operator I works under close personal supervision and is provided detailed written or oral guidance before and during assignments. As instructed, this worker resolves common operating problems and may serve as an assistant operator working under close supervision or performing a portion of a more senior operator's work.

- Computer Work.
While not always the main function of a Computer Operator 1, a good portion of the tasks an Operator 1 will complete, involve computer work. These duties may include:
o May send emails and reports in relation to employees that may be assigned to their areas of operations. This may include timesheets, requests for leave, safety reports, etc.
o May Use Microsoft Office (Or equivalent software applications) to review, modify, distribute and complete reports and schedules as needed.
o May assist manager in enterprise related reports and corresponding emails as needed.
o Relay direction to employees VIA email.
o Complete Inventory Research at the request of the Manager.
o Complete all required DELTEK operations (Time and expense recording) in accordance to all policies and procedures.
o Complete all Learning Management System (LMS) requirements as set
o Complete all Computer guided orientation as required on the NGEN contract (Active shooter training, PII training, ETC).
o Perform any other Manager assigned computer work in relation to the NGEN contract.
- Warehouse Work.
The Computer Operator 1 is a part of the normal warehouse team and as such will adhere to all safety and security policies for warehouse operations and assist in warehouse activities as needed including:
o Computer Operator 1?s report directly to either their assigned Material Coordinator or Manager. As such, before performing any duties assigned to them by the customer or anyone other than their Manager, they will get clarification and confirmation accordingly.
o Maintain warehouse cleanliness and organization.
o Perform Physical and Systematic Inventory of the customer?s equipment as needed.
o Provide direction and guidance to team members accordingly.
o Ensure all team members assigned to their project/area/team, are compliant with job requirements, HTSI safety and security policies.
o Reports any problems, concerns , ideas and questions to the Manager for direction, clarification or resolution.
o Pull Equipment from inventory, preparing it for shipment as needed (both local shipments VIA trucks, and other shipments using customer approved venders).
o Place equipment in assigned areas, locations, bins, shelves, racks, etc as directed by Material Coordinator or Manager also Transfer of equipment between locations (and/or Buildings if required) forklifts, powered handcarts, hand trucks, dollies, etc.
o Perform any other Manager assigned duties in relation to the warehouse operations on NGEN.

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.


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