Technical Advisor ANDSF Operations - Military veterans preferred

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Job Summary
Technical Advisor ANDSF Operations shall serves as technical advisor, Liaison Officer (LNO) and mentor to the Afghan LNOs in the RS HQ Combined Joint Operations Center (CJOC).  HQ RS CJOC is primary work location.
Principal Accountabilities
  • Train, Advise and Assist (TAA) / supervise the Afghan LNOs in the RS HQ CJOC to maintain 24/7 lines of communication, accurate reporting and ensure that the COALITION ANDSF OPS Director and CJOC Director are informed of all National Military Command Center (NMCC) / National Police Command Center (NPCC) reports as well as pushing RS HQ reports and updates back to the NPCC / NMCC.
  • Work schedule will vary with mission requirements but typically will consist of scheduled shifts, providing coverage 24 hours a day / sevens day a week.
  • Maintains adequate levels of supervision with to ensure that the accurate level and consistency in the flow of information between the RS HQ CJOC and the NMCC / NPCC is maintained. This information should be accurate, full scoped, and consistent with the appropriate level of the target audience: RS and Afghanistan Senior Leadership.
  • Works in coordination with RS HQ CJOC ANDSF Operations to validate and ensure that all modes of information provided by NMCC/NPCC to RS CJOC are accurate.
  • Formal and informal training of Afghan LNOs in the RS HQ CJOC, including the conduct of table top exercise, exercise without troops, and practical exercises within the RS HQ CJOC.
  • Establishes and maintains complete daily visibility on the duties and responsibilities of all HQ RS CJOC ANDSF OPs staff, to include the assessment, progress and evaluation of the staff performance and products on a daily basis.
  • Ensure the ANDSF OPS staff and Afghan LNOs in the RS HQ CJOC are capable of developing a Common Operating Picture, to include assisting with reporting and analysis.
  • Works with the Coalition TAAC LNOs to validate and coordinate all information received from the NMCC / NPCC.
  • Works in conjunction with the Advisor Teams at the NMCC / NPCC to validate and coordinate the information exchange between the NMCC / NPCC and TAACs and RS HQ.
  • Develop staff in the conduct of daily and weekly Operational Synchronization Cycle for the ANDSF.
  • Develop staff in the implementation of Battle Drills for the ANDSF.
  • TAA the ANDSF to enforce and improve ANDSF’s the use of the enabler request process.
  • Develop Contingency Plans and Crisis Management Planning for the ANDSF.
  • Develops and implements Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the ANDSF.
  • Ensure the ANDSF staff is trained in the prioritization of operations that properly supports the Main Effort and Supporting Efforts
  • TAA the ANDSF to accurately submit reports based on the facts provided.
  • Know and understand the duties and responsibilities of all of the Afghan LNOs in the RS HQ CJOC; assess their performance, then prepare and teach classes to enhance their capabilities.
  • Integrate Intelligence into Operations at the RS HQ CJOC and NMCC/NPCC levels.
  • Create internal assessment mechanisms, which improves Afghan LNOs in the RS HQ CJOC capacity building and facilitates internal improvement
  • Develop Training Plans for new and current Afghan LNOs in the RS HQ CJOC.
  • Develop training curriculums for software and other technological improvements for the ANDSF within the RS HQ CJOC.
  • Perform like duties elsewhere within the organization as directed, including in the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and/or Ministry of Interior (MoI).
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Familiar with NATO planning tools and planning processes. Knowledge of MoD/MoI Afghanistan procedures is a plus.
  • Understanding of the Military Decision Making Process.
  • Must know how to use Microsoft Office Suite to prepare PowerPoint Slides, Office Emails, and Word and Excel documents for submission to the ANDSF OPS Director and CJOC.
  • Automated data processing knowledge: possess working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, graphics presentation, databases, E-mail clients & web browsers, and web content management.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Interpersonal communication, influence and interaction skills that are effective in a complex strategic environment.
  • Creative problem solving skills.

Experience & Education

  • Previous experience at the E-7 to E-9 or O-2 to O-4 level or above with Brigade, Division, or Higher Staff experience or other primary staff responsibility for Operations planning and execution in a Tactical Operations Center, Division or Corps Main command Post or higher
  • Education. Bachelor’s degree or higher in a field related to the advisory position from an accredited institution of higher education, OR, upon approval of the procuring contracting officer, at least two years significant experience in a field related to both the position as well as security assistance.
  • Ability to implement staffing procedures and prior experience assisting and mentoring.
  • Familiar with training capabilities, curriculum planning, capacity building, and resourcing.
  • Must have a final (not interim) DoD SECRET Level Security Clearance before deployment and maintain that clearance.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must pass all medical and fitness requirements directed by US Central Command (CENTCOM) in order to deploy.
  • Must be able to operate in harsh and austere conditions of Afghanistan


  • Must be capable of daily travel in and around Kabul as well as to locations throughout Afghanistan.