Systems Engineer/Astronaut Search and Rescue Operations - Military veterans preferred

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Patrick Afb
United States

Basic Program Overview:
The candidate shall support work on-site at PAFB and/or Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) and mission temporary duty locations coordinating, training and facilitating DOD operational and tactical level mission support to NASA. The contractor shall support the employment of search and rescue aviation assets to facilitate astronaut rescue following either an Orion or
CCP contingency land or water landing.

General Responsibilities:
Support and employ of air rescue (fixed or rotary wing) assets to facilitate rescue operations following either an Orion or CCP contingency land or water landing. AMO duties will include collaborating and working with USSTRATCOM, NASA, Air Combat Command, and Guardian Angels, to enhance astronaut search and rescue operations supporting rescue and personnel recovery interoperability and tactics, effective communication capability, standardization, integration, and safety across mission partners. SAR will develop air rescue plans assist in employment development with rescue forces.

Mandatory Skills:
• Minimum Experience: Previous experience as a rated-officer (pilot or navigator) who achieved qualification as an INSTRUCTOR in either rotary- or fixedwing rescue aircraft.
• Possess an expert knowledge of military combat rescue instructions, tactics, techniques and procedures as well as aircraft capabilities and employment.
• Ability to develop world-wide rescue coverage charts depicting response times
• Ability to develop strategies for astronaut short- and long-term search and rescue plans
• Able to determine interoperability of DoD air deployable rescue equipment with Orion and CCP crew modules and associated survival equipment
• Ability to accomplish advanced team functions to receive personnel and support equipment; provide command and control recommendations for postured alert rescue forces; and provide just-in-time mission refresher at deployed locations
• Possess an expert knowledge of air rescue instructions and aircraft capabilities and employment.
• Ability to create/revise air rescue tactics, techniques and procedures.
• Ability to develop standard operating procedures and associated documents
• Ability to develop checklist or similar products for use during development test, training and mission execution
• Ability to manage, coordinate, and execute support regarding operations to rescue/recover the astronauts and the crew module at Orion nominal end-of-mission and, if necessary, rescue astronauts in the event of a post-splashdown contingency.
• Ability to prepare and evaluate Management Plans (PMP) and Concept of Operations (ConOps) in order to facilitate operations for recovery of the astronauts and the Commercial Crew Program (CCP) and NASA Orion Program vehicles, includes planning, training, and mission execution efforts.
• Ability to schedule, coordinate and collaborate with DoD, NASA, ACC, Air Reseve, ANG, and the Navy to ensure availability of required support equipment and associated procedures for astronaut recovery, rescue, and crew module recovery in multiple sea conditions.
• Ability to develop written courseware, presentations, procedures, and checklists used to provide mission-specific training/orientation for Astronaut Survival Operations personnel.

Other Skills Preferred:
• Previous experience as a rated-officer (pilot or navigator) who achieved qualification as an EVALUATOR in either rotary- or fixed-wing rescue aircraft.
• Possess strong interpersonal skills, be very adaptable to change and have excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to work with a diverse group of contractor and Government employees, and possess strong organizational skills
• Some travel may be required for this position
• Excellent organizational, leadership, and verbal and written communication skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills