Nuclear Deterrent Enterprise Review Group (NDERG) Analyst - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee

United States


Job Description: 

  • Candidate provides scientific, technical and/or analytical support to a wide range of actions in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs regarding the Nuclear Enterprise. 
  • The nature of work is in support the Nuclear Deterrent Enterprise Review Group (NDERG), the highest level of oversight, integration, and advocacy across the Department of Defense (DoD) for the Nuclear Enterprise. 
  • The activity synchronizes all actions across the Nuclear Enterprise, including those from the Nuclear Enterprise Review and the Nuclear Posture Review and any future reviews and/or assessments of any portion of the Nuclear Enterprise.

Job Responsibilities:


  • The candidate engages issues, actions and initiatives, drawing from academic preparation and experience, concerning, or relating to the development, deployment, transportation, safety, security, storage, and training for the stewardship of the Nuclear Enterprise in support of NDERG deliberation and decisions.
  • The candidate leads, assists and supports the conduct of research and analysis to determine compliance and/or deficiency of remediation and other actions and activities by tracking implementation actions, updating actions taken, and developing draft and fully coordinated reports, briefings or other documentation.
  • The candidate organizes, orchestrates, attends/participates in meetings in support of NDERG within/across the Department, across the interagency and other branches of government and/or with academia and industry. 
  • Individual will support the development of key DoD nuclear weapons national/executive guidance, organizational initiatives, DoD requirements placed on the Department of Energy (DOE), and DoD nuclear skills preservation and expertise sustainment actions.  
  • Emphasis may include any of the following areas of the nuclear enterprise: the national nuclear stockpile; nuclear weapons operations; nuclear human resources/culture, legacy systems sustainment and modernization programs; nuclear enterprise infrastructure; nuclear weapons effects; nuclear weapon survivability; and the national and DoD policies which underlay the above. 
  •  Individual additionally may provide support to the Nuclear Weapons Council (NWC) and subordinate committees and contribute to or prepare joint NNSA/DOD reports for delivery to the President and/or to the Congress. 
  • Individual reviews documents, contributes to studies or task forces, prepares papers and staff summaries and briefings, organizes, orchestrates, attends/participates in meetings within/across the Department , across the interagency and other branches of government and/or with academia and industry.



Required Education and Experience:

Bachelors and fifteen years or more of related experience; Masters and thirteen years or more experience.

  • Major in hard science, such as chemistry, mathematics, physics, metallurgy and nuclear physics or in a related engineering field, such as chemical, materials, electrical or nuclear engineering is preferred. 
  • Graduate degree in same fields is preferred. 


Required Skills: 


  • Quantitative and qualitative analytic and technical skills, with excellent written and oral communication ability.
  • Knowledge base required in nuclear weapons policy, operations and acquisition, to include stockpile, accident and incident emergency response, safety and nuclear security issues and activities.
  •  Expert knowledge of Microsoft suite of ‘Office’ products required (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). 


Desired Skills: 

  • Ability to confidently and credibly execute presentations at high levels, to coordinate actions and initiatives across the OSD, the Joint Staff, Services, and other Federal Departments and Agencies, and to produce “executive-style” summaries. 
  • Military experience in nuclear operations and understanding of the DoD Oversight Groups, such as Deputy’s Management Action Group; Council on oversight of National Leadership Command, Control and Communications Systems; Nuclear Weapons Council; Security and Incident Response Council; Joint Requirements Oversight Council and Quarterly Readiness Reviews, a very strong plus. 
  • Recent Pentagon experience a strong plus.