Field Inspector - Military veterans preferred

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  full-time   employee

New York
United States

Job Purpose

DEPARTMENT:  Construction – Contract Oversight

LOCATION:  Hewlett 

HOURS:  40 (7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)  Mon – Fri.

HOURLY WAGES:     $48.33

Key Accountabilities

  • Maintain correct operator qualifications to provide uninterrupted inspection services. Maintain relationship with municipal inspectors/officials and the PSC to further National Grid projects in their areas.
  • Provide dedicated inspection coverage to contractor crews working the tolerance zone of Transmission Gas Mains, tolerance zone of Regulator Stations, 124# Gas Main Installations, tolerance zone of Buried Electric Transmission facilities, and if possible, at the request of the projects Owning Organization based on project complexity.  Must be able to make correct notifications and complete appropriate documentations for various processes:  Mains & Services, Scattered Services, Main Replacement Projects, Leaks, Proactive Service Replacements, and Merc Reg Replacements. Document contract items.  
  • Maintain detailed notes on projects for future reference via computer applications and/or paper documentation. Computer accessibility necessary to obtain critical data to successfully deliver expected results. Attend Pre-Construction meetings at proposed construction sites in consultation with Engineers and municipal officials and site owners.  Ensure work is performed as per Designer’s design.  If there is no National Grid Design, confirms conformity to National Grid Construction Standards
  • Participate in the creation and/or field alteration of SOP's, due to unexpected field conditions, working between GSO, Designer, Construction and GFO/Maintain to assure regulatory and in-house obligations are fulfilled. Provide historical documents for use by crew to effectively and safely complete project. Reach out to local Maintain yards seeking assistance with mark out problems. Secure special equipment for crews from N.G. local Maintain yards. Ensure that appropriate site and traffic protection are secured and maintained by contractor crews
  • Ensure that all necessary PPE is available at the site, the PPE is fully maintained and in good operating condition and donned as required by National Grid standards
  • Ensure that contractor equipment is in safe, correct operating condition to protect the public, the crew, and our gas facilities. Ensure that the contractor provides sufficient site and vehicle "House Keeping"
  • Ensure that the contractor Personnel at the site are properly "Operator Qualified".  Ensure contractor has appropriate and function tooling to safely install the gas facilities according to National Grid Standard
  • Ensure that contractor personnel are following correct construction procedures as gas facilities are installed and repaired

  • Ensure that all appropriate paperwork is at the site, DOT forms in truck, Job Briefing form, Regulatory (permits, fusion equipment books) forms are at the project sight, Trucks properly registered, folders, leak tickets, historical documents
  • Carry out emergency procedures in the event of gas emergency, caused by contractor or not.  Be on sight liaison between contractor crew and consumer.  Conduct and complete QAQC computer audits of the projects.  When applicable, complete Maximo obligations as set forth by Sales Fulfillment.  Ensure that when applicable, relights are conducted properly, and notify dispatch of "Blue Tags", and conditions calling for violations.  Ensure holes are properly backfilled and compacted using soil compaction supervisor.  Conduct "Wipe Samples"
  • Must be able to understand gas and electric facility maps.  Complete applicable documents, i.e. "coal tar form", incident forms", "wipe sample forms", "mapping change forms" and various regulatory forms
  • Sign Contractor Daily Billing Sheets for Leaks and larger projects and assure that all documentation is with the returned project package.  Assure that crews are removing used gas materials from site to proper containment vessels.  Attend EBT (examination before trial) as requested by legal
  • Pits and Miscellaneous excavations.  Ensure that proper materials and construction standards are maintained through installation and removal of PIT.  Ensure all safety procedures and PPE are properly applied at work site. Provide detailed documentation to PIT owners, Construct, Maintain, I&R, to account for accurate payment of contractor invoicing
  •  Perform similar or less skilled work as may be assigned
  •  Individuals may be utilized in the Physical HUB when not performing primary function

Job Qualifications: 

  • Ability to read and write English, comprehension at a level to post information from one record to another.  Maintain files and logs, plot graphs, knowledge of basic grammar, spelling, composition and business writing. 
  • High School diploma  or equivalent.
  • Applicants must have a valid NYS Class 1 Commercial Drivers License.    In addition to possessing the qualifications for this vacancy, employees selected will be expected to work overtime in accordance with departmental requirements and to participate in the Company's Emergency Restoration Program as may be required.   Employees must maintain all current required personal operations proficiency.

More Information

Please be advised that due to the nature of this position, incumbents are subject to US Department of Transportation (DOT) safety regulations. 

National Grid is an equal opportunity employer that values a broad diversity of talent, knowledge, experience and expertise.  We foster a culture of inclusion that drives employee engagement to deliver superior performance to the communities we serve.  National Grid is proud to be an affirmative action employer. We encourage minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans to join the National Grid team.