Advisor, Force Management - Military veterans preferred

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Job Summary
Force Management Technical Advisors perform force management functions in support of the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF).  Collaborates with US, coalition, Afghan senior leaders, and force mangers to develop, design, analyze, and document the ANDSF’s force structure to support the Afghan National Military Strategy.  Uses current U.S. Military doctrine and force management regulatory guidance, policies, processes, and procedures to model and manage change in the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP).  Works with Afghan partners to determine warfighting and national policing requirements, design operational and institutional force structure, determine authorized resources.  Analyzes second and third order effects of changes to requirements, structure, and resources.  This is high-visibility mission requires the assignment of experienced, qualified, and professional individuals that demonstrate commitment to the US mission, vision and values.
Principal Accountabilities
  • Train Advise and Assist (TAA) Afghan Force Managers to develop capabilities, design organizations, develop organizational models, determine organizational authorizations, and documents authorizations.
  • Documents authorizations for organizational structures, personnel, and equipment using software to produce the Afghan Tashkil (the ANDSF structure, manning, and equipping requirements document similar to a US Army Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) or Table of Distribution on Allowances (TOE).
  • Provides assistance to Resolute Support Advisors on force management process to develop a sustainable, effective, and affordable ANDSF.
  • Assists with the planning, development, and conduct of the Command Plan Review (CPR) process.
  • Assists and advises on manpower management activities, integrating manpower, military and civilian personnel, and financial management systems.
  • Produces concise written assessments, reports, and presentations for senior leaders using Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Determines the necessary objectives for time-phased transfer of responsibility of Force Management processes to ANDSF Force Management Departments.
  • Provides advice and assistance for leader engagements (LE) with Afghan senior leaders. As requested, assists Resolute Support leadership with senior key leader engagements (KLE).
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Knowledge & Skills
  • Ability to work with diverse teams consisting of US military, civilians, Afghan partners, and Resolute Support coalition nations.
  • Expertise in the use of Microsoft Office applications Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and SharePoint. The ability to rapidly analyze large data sets using software tools is essential.
  • Ability to independently produce quality written products and presentations for General Officers.
  • Knowledge of US Army Force Management process to develop capabilities, design organizations, develop organizational models, determine organizational authorizations, and document authorizations for organizational structures, personnel, and equipment.
  • Familiarity with US Army Force Management software applications to include: Force Management System Web Site (FMS Web), Army Publishing Directorate (APD), SSN-LIN Automated Management & Integrating System (SLAMIS), and Logistics Support Activity Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW).
  • Previous experience in Army and/or a police agency force management/force development at a service major command or civilian equivalent.
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Office tools namely Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint; must be able to use the advanced features of these applications.  
  • Joint and/or multi-national experience.

Experience & Education

  • Education.  Bachelor’s degree required.  Master’s degree or higher is preferred.  Education requirement may be waived based on exceptional experience.
  • Minimum of 3-years’ experience in force management and development.
  • Minimum of 6 months’ experience with international missions in active-insurgency/conflict/post-conflict environments.
  • Military or civilian experience Major (0-4)/GS-13 or higher. Grade requirement may be waived by the requirement owner.
  • Must have a final (not interim) Department of Defense (DoD) SECRET Level Security Clearance before deployment and maintain that clearance.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must pass all medical and fitness requirements directed by US Central Command (CENTCOM) in order to deploy.
  • Must be able to operate in harsh and austere conditions of Afghanistan


  • Must be capable of daily travel in and around Kabul as well as to locations throughout Afghanistan.