890-Agile Coach and DevOPS Monitor - Military veterans preferred

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San Antonio
United States

Position:  890-Agile Coach and DevOPS Monitor Type:  Full Time Location:  San Antonio, Texas

The US Air Force Human Resources (HR)/Talent Management (TM) community is executing a digital transformation that requires rapid, adaptive, migration of legacy system capabilities to modern commercial cloud service offerings.  The intention of the migration is to achieve specified value-centric business outcomes.  “Value,” in this sense, is proportional to the utility delivered by cloud service offerings, and inversely proportional to both cost of, and time-to-deploy, that cloud service utility.  “Utility” refers to both HR/TM functionality per se, and the service model that makes administration of the underlying information technology transparent to the customer.  Success of this HR/TM digital transformational initiative requires adaptive application of commercial best practice for Agile project management and execution within boundary conditions imposed by government procurement laws, regulations, processes, and practices in ways specifically aligned with the strategy explained above.  Accordingly, the incumbent must apply experience as a hands’ on Scrum Master to adopt, adapt, coach, and monitor effective Agile practices -- for configuring COTS cloud services -- under the USAF’s technical and bureaucratic constraints.

  • Adapt DevOPS practices and tools to configure COTS cloud services in ways that optimally accomplish USAF Talent Management workflows.  
  • Coach government clients, FTI colleagues, and subcontractors to apply Agile ethos, discipline and techniques to achieve the client’s objectives.
  • Monitor and assist multiple, parallel, Agile cloud configuration projects in a DevOPS pipeline.
  • Establish, document, teach, and continually validate standards and best practices for Agile practices adapted to client’s COTS cloud requirements.
  • Coach project managers how to optimally adopt/adapt Agile techniques to achieve their specific objectives.
  • Assure that each Agile project has a qualified Scrum Master.  Provide gap training, if/as appropriate.
  • Assure that each Agile project has a qualified Product Owner.  Provide training as necessary.
  • Coach Scrum Masters and Product Owners how to adapt standard Scrum techniques to perform required cloud configurations.
  • Support all efforts to design, implement, and execute DevOPS. 
  • Employ project management software, including native ServiceNow tools, to configure Agile project dashboards that intuitively explain status of all projects’ status.
  • Employ Agile dashboard to monitor status of all projects.  When projects fall behind velocity targets, assess issues and risks, alert management, and assist projects as appropriate.
  • Assure that all projects deliver documentation of achieved assessment criteria in specified formats.
  • Prepare and present Agile training and Agile project status briefings as directed. 


The following qualifications are desired.  Equivalent experience, education, training, and/or expertise will be considered.  Currency and successful application of qualifications is more important than period of performance.  Level of compensation will be commensurate with candidate’s breadth and depth of qualification with respect to these traits for both journeymen and masters.  

  • For Master, successful participation in information system activities, in preferably both government and industry, but certainly in one or the other.  Successful experience is defined as having played a significant role in project(s) that have demonstrably achieved targeted outcomes, on schedule and budget.  (Provide evidence of significance of role, and achievement of objectives.
  • For journeyman, current status as a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) or Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP.)
  • For master, current status as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) (or documented experience equivalent.)
  • For master, current status as a Certified Scrum Trainer (or documented experience equivalent.)
  • Experience as a scrum master. 
  • For master, at least three years’ experience as a scrum master in a DevOPS environment.  
  • For master, at least three years’ experience as an agile coach, including for clients of at least mid-level seniority.  
  • For master, at least three years’ professional experience using project management software such as Microsoft Project, Jira, Visual Studio, etc. (Highlight any experience with ServiceNow.)
  • For master, demonstrated understanding of cloud technologies and business models, and their relationship to Agile concepts.
  • For master, degree in a technical field.
  • Ability travel less than 25%