895-Coordinating Review Authority (CRA) Training Analyst - Military veterans preferred

Frontier Technology, Inc. (www.fti-net.com)


  full-time   employee   contract

United States

Position:  895-Coordinating Review Authority (CRA) Training Analyst Type:  Full Time Location:  Suffolk, Virginia

Frontier Technology, Inc. is seeking a full-time Training Analyst to join our team of qualified, talented, and diverse individuals.  The qualified and experienced Training Analyst will provide technical and management support services to the Navy Information Forces (NAVIFOR) C5I Education and Training Readiness Directorate (N7).  They will provide analytical services to support the development, implementation, and sustainment of the Enterprise-wide readiness program vision, missions, tasks, and guiding principles with a focus on both short-term (current) and long-term (time-phased) readiness analysis.  They will support improvements to force readiness employing existing systems and processes whereby metrics can be utilized to provide visibility into current readiness, assist in forecasting future readiness, and identify areas for improvement.  Specifically, within the Information Forces Cryptologic and Information Operations, Cyber Operations, Network-Centric Operations (NETOPS), Intelligence, Space Operations, and METOC product lines.


  • Provide the necessary consultant, analytical and organizational skills to assist in improving Navy shore and afloat IDC management programs through incorporation into DRRS-N.
  • Provide analysis, consultant services, and mentoring to support enterprise readiness initiatives.
  • Provide support as it pertains to sustaining Navy Warfare Training System (NWTS) process and DRRS-N readiness program.
  • Make recommendations that apply industry best practices and metrics expertise in the development and implementation of metrics.
  • Provide analysis of cost management, readiness impacts, and Enterprise maturity metrics to identify gaps in Enterprise desired outputs and readiness which will lead to focused, and metric-driven gap closure.
  • Support mission analysis processes across the IDC and Type Commanders (TYCOMS) that result in new and/or revised Navy IDC Navy Mission Essentials Tasks (NMETs).
  • Assist NAVIFOR during annual review and validation of submitted approved NAVNAVIFOR NMETs.
  • Coordinate changes with other Coordinating Review Authorities (CRAs) and TYCOMs when NTAs, conditions and standards impact the Responsibility Organization (RESPORG) of another CRA/TYCOM.
  • Monitor and assist all CRA/TYCOM submissions of validated NTAs, conditions and standards to the Primary Review Authority (PRA) for approval.
  • Monitor and assist the PRA’s activation of validated NAVIFOR capabilities in the Navy Training Information Management System (NTIMS).
  • Assist the NAVIFOR and USFF in the development of individual, team and fleet employment of ID processes and training solutions that leverage approved and installed system capabilities and ensure training measures of effectiveness are developed to support these requirements.
  • Coordinate with other TYCOM CRA’s to conduct an annual review of validated NAVIFOR capability area NMETLs that apply to platforms.
  • Coordinate with other TYCOM CRA’s to create NAVIFOR capability area NMETs for specific platforms.
  • Travel required


  • Must have an active security clearance
  • Typically requires a Bachelor's degree with 2 years of experience in related field.
  • Knowledge of Federal, Department of Defense, and U. S. Navy law, regulations, policies, techniques, procedures, and business practices regarding procurement.
  • 2 years of experience with Navy Information Forces Product Lines.
  • Experience or knowledge in integrating shore exercise assessments, lessons learned, and feedback into Joint or Navy Mission Essential Task (J/NMETs) development.
  • Experience or knowledge of developing assessment criteria.
  • Understanding of how readiness tracking is implemented through Joint or Navy Training Information Management System (J/NTIMS) and Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy or –Strategic (DRRS-N or -S).
  • Experience or knowledge of the technical and operational aspects of the Navy Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy or -Strategic (DRRS-N or -S) supporting readiness data analysis.
  • Knowledge of the Joint or Navy Warfare Training System (J/NWTS)
  • Experience or knowledge of the technical and operational aspects of the Joint/Navy Training and Information Management System (J/NTIMS)
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a solid understanding of DoD and Armed Forces organizational structure, ranks, and customs/courtesies.
  • Skilled in verbal and written communication techniques required to conduct meetings and prepare reports and other correspondence.
  • Must be able to work independently and possess analytical processing skills.