SMAAP Technical Advisor: IT Chief - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee



SAIC is seeking a candidate to assume the role of IT Chief Technical Advisor for our Security Ministries of Afghanistan Advisory Program (SMAAP) proposed contract. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Advise Training General Command (TGC), Afghan National Police Academy (ANPA), and Staff College (SC) on developing a Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Media Support Division.
  • Advise the IT sections of TGC, ANPA, and SC on design, development, and delivery of CIS and multimedia capability.
  • Assist TGC, ANPA, and SC in the development of a comprehensive CIS strategy.
  • Advise on developing and providing multimedia products in support of ANP IT training initiatives.
  • Provide technical advise to the IT departments of TGC, ANPA, and SC on the purpose of implementing and maintaining SharePoint sites.
  • Advocate budgetary requirements for the sustainment of IT capabilities.
  • Advise TGC, ANPA, and SC on the purpose of ensuring compliance with operations and use policies.
  • Support TGC, and as appropriate ANPA and SC, on efforts to connect all training centers to the Afghan fiber ring.
  • Train, Advise and Assist in a manner that encourages the MoI/ANP to develop methods and systems to ensure the future self‐sustainment of their IT capacity and capability without contractor support/advising.
  • Coordinate with RS HQ directorates and other Essential Functions (EF) to assist MoI/ANP advisees.
  • Submit reports IAW Para. 3.3 To PIAT to include suggestions to ensure the future self‐sustainment of MoI/ANP logistics systems, programs and processes as well as engagement reports through NATO System.


  • Bachelor’s  degree  or  higher  in  a  field  related  to  the  advisory  position  from  an accredited institution of higher education, OR, upon approval of the procuring contracting officer and RO, at least 15 years significant experience in a field related to both the position as well as security assistance.
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience on the development of CIS and media support for a large training organization.
  • Minimum 5 years experience of the development of business IT systems.
  • Leadership experience, problem solving skills and experience in organizational change, development, and design.
  • United States citizen.
  • Automated  data  processing  knowledge:  possess  working  knowledge  of  word  processing, spreadsheets,  graphics  presentation,  databases,  E‐mail  clients  &  web  browsers,  and  web  content management.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Interpersonal communication, influence, and interaction skills that are effective in a complex strategic environment.
  • Creative problem solving skills.
  • Ability  to  work independently and  as part of a team, with  harmony and tact in a cramped, austere, combat environment.
  • Possess  a  final  (not  interim)  DoD  SECRET  Level  Security  Clearance  before  deployment  and maintain that clearance.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Suite Applications (i.e., Power Point, Word, and Excel).
  • Must be able to pass CENTCOM medical, dental and other CRC-related deployment requirements from CRC at Ft. Bliss, TX.   
  • Must continue to maintain CENTCOM Mod 13 and other deployment-related requirements for the Afghanistan theater of operations    
  • Must be in possession of a current/active US tourist Passport with at least 6 months of remaining eligibility
  • Must be able to receive and maintain a current/active Afghanistan visa
  • Must be in possession of and maintain an appropriate-level current/active security clearance with eligibility to receive/maintain a NATO clearance for the duration of the deployment     
  • Must be willing to work and live in austere and hostile environments in Afghanistan, and understanding of the possibility to be further assigned to any location in Afghanistan, as allowed by the contract
  • Must be willing and able to travel outside of protected areas via military convoys or MILAIR, and wear protective clothing and equipment, as required.  Force protection will be provided by authorized sources. 
  • Must comply with all theater command policies, regulations, and General Orders.

Desired Qualifications


  • At least 12 months in TAA position in any theater. 

  • Experience supporting a military or civilian law enforcement training center.