Military GPS User Equipment Tester (MGUE SME) - Military Veterans Wanted

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South Carolina
United States

ManTech is currently seeking an experienced Military GPS User Equipment Tester (MGUE SME) for our growing programs in Charleston, SC.

ManTech, a well-respected industry leader, is activelyseeking talented professionals eager to support mission critical programs andsolve some of the toughest problems critical to our great Nation’s security.

This position will require a current SECRET DoD security


Work closely with and assist the Joint Light TacticalVehicle (JLTV) Test and Evaluation (T&E) team lead on all assigned T&Ecommercial and/or government projects as directed.

Fully knowledgeable of Command, Control, Communication,Computer, Intelligence, and Reconnaissance - Electronic Warfare (C4ISR-EW)systems and how they may coexist on multiple Virtual Machines (VM) on a server,specifically Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC) and how C2PCinteracts with Modernized Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) User Equipment andlegacy GPS Receivers such as the Defense Advance GPS Receiver (DAGR) and/orSelective Availability Anti-spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS Receiver card.

Contribute and assist with T&E-related deliverables suchas MGUE Test Plans, MGUE Test Procedures (Test Cases), and MGUE Test Reportswhich represent test findings, results, or substantiate problems identified anddocumented during testing, and status of test objectives that were found to beMet, Not Met, and/or Not Yet Evaluated.

Document Trouble Reports and findings (Observations)generated during testing, provide input to SPAWAR-LANT for ConfigurationControl Boards (CCBs) to clarify and quantify problems observed and documentedthroughout a given test or evaluation, and assist with design and set-up ofTest Architectures.

Candidate will also be responsible for providing assistancewith developing step-by-step Test Cases, tracing Test Cases and Test Steps toMGUE requirements within the DOORS database.

Execution of Test Suites and Test Scripts within RQM.

Representing the MGUE test team in a professional mannerduring any/all test meetings and providing quality participation at all testmeetings and briefings in which the test team is represented or is responsiblefor representing the customer.

Interface with engineering and technical points of contact to gatherdetailed information necessary to write and review technical documentation(test scripts, test procedures, input to test plans and reports, troublereports)

Understand basic technical requirements of Navy C4I systems in order toquickly translate customer-directed guidance into easy-to-understand summarizedcontent

Review technical content, consult with engineering andtechnical staff, and develop final design and technical documentation based onestablished templates and in accordance with engineering processes

Obtain and interpret necessary data, drawings, andspecifications through research and liaison with engineering staff

Participate in client review of technical documents

Collaborating with engineers, software developers, andquality assurance analysts, to ensure that all materials produced are effectivefor the intended audience

Prepare charts,graphs, or forms to go along with rough drafts, summarizing test results orfindings

Courteous, helpful, collaborative person

Self-motivated with a desire to excel

Able to execute functional test cases during bench(lab) as well as post-integration (vehicular) test events, which will includeadherence to relevant safety requirements while working in and around thesystem under test.

Required Skills:

  • Eight (8) yearsof hands-on experience with “Specific Projects”, to include three (3) of thefollowing four (4) areas: System Requirements, Systems Analysis, Test&Evaluation, and Training for C4ISR systems or equipment.

  • ExceptionalEnglish language skills
  • Experiencewith DoD Enterprise IT Networks
  • Must have a demonstrated ability to organize, research, write, edit, andpublish work to the highest level of quality
  • Experience with SharePoint and the Microsoft Office Suite toinclude Word, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience developing Test Cases.
  • Experience with developing Test Cases and Test Scripts(step-by-step Test Procedures).
  • Experience with test execution.

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with Marine Corps programs
  • Integration testing of Hardware and Software.
  • All-around testing experience with C4ISR/Electronic Warfare.
  • E xperience with development and/or administration of VirtualMachine (VM).
  • Experience with USMC Tactical Applications: C2PC.
  • Experience with USMC Tactical Applications: TCS.
  • Experience with GPS Systems: GB-GRAM, SAASM Cards, and DAGR.
  • Experience with Test Plan development.
  • Experience with Test Readiness Reviews.
  • Experience with Test Report and Quick Look Report development.
  • Experience with briefs and slide deck development.
  • Experience with serial message formats such as ICD-153C.
  • Experience with IBM Applications: Rational Quality Manager& Rational Team Concert