Apprentice Technical Trainer at Center for Surface Combat Systems Unit, Great Lakes, IL - Military veterans preferred

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Great Lakes
United States

General Dynamics Information Technology is seeking qualified applicants for the position of ET/FC Combined (Apprentice Technical Training) Technical Trainer at CSCS Unit, Great Lakes, IL.

Job Description

Develops, organizes, and conducts training and educational programs for customer personnel in support of Center for Surface Combat Systems CSCSU Great Lakes, IL. Training program requires ability to conduct traditional classroom instruction and laboratory support.

Candidate will be an Electronic Technician / Fire Control man subject matter expert/trainer as part of a multi-trainer workforce providing instruction in the courses described below:

  1. AC/DC circuits topics include AC test equipment; Kirchhoff’s laws; multimeter measurements; Ohm’s law; parallel circuits; resistors, current, and voltage; resonance; RL and RC circuits; series circuits; transformers; troubleshooting; and voltage division.
  2. Electronic circuit’s topics include bridge circuits, diodes, electron tube circuits, full- and half-wave rectifiers, operational amplifiers, oscillators, power supplies, pulse circuits, transistors, troubleshooting, and Zener diodes.
  3. Digital electronics topics include basic microprocessors, binary system, combinational logic, counters, digital logic functions, flip-flops, octal and hexadecimal systems, registers, and sequential circuits. 
  4. Electronic communications topics include broadcast systems, electromagnetic propagation, frequency spectrum, networks, satellite systems, telecommunications terminology, telephone systems, and transducers. 
  5. Microprocessors topics include binary mathematics operations, computer input/output interfacing, data register timing operations, digital computer circuits, micro-computer system hardware and software components, microprocessor architectures, and microprocessor brand and model characteristics. 
  6. Fiber optics and cabling topics include conductor troubleshooting and repair, data cable fault isolation, light emitting diode (LED) and laser light sources, light sources and optical detectors, optical signal transmission, printed circuit board connections, signal and multimode optical fibers, soldering, and wire wrap. 
  7. Electronic systems troubleshooting and maintenance topics include block diagrams; general safety concepts; mechanical safety marking requirements; mechanical, electrical, and electromagnetic safety procedures; schematics; signal flow considerations; static electricity safety concepts; tag-out operations; test equipment explanation and usage; troubleshooting concepts and extensive practice sessions; and wiring diagrams. 
  8. Industrial safety topics include electromechanical safety parameters, electronic and electrical safety parameters, emergency procedures, handling equipment safety, mechanical safety parameters, and proper hand tool usage procedures.
  9. Rotating machines topics include AC and DC motor construction principles, motor control block diagrams, motor voltage and current measurements tools, proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control theory, pulse width modulated (PWM) motor control, rotating machine application principles, safe maintenance procedures, and series and shunt field motor windings. 
  10. Radar systems topics include alignment and maximum power output concepts, auxiliary systems, radar cavities and frequency generation, radar system components, radar theory, radar wavelength and impacts on waveguide lengths, receiver and transmitter block diagrams, and standing wave ratios. Industrial electronics topics include control concepts, DIAC, diodes, feedback systems, motors, operational amplifiers, PID algorithms, safety, servos and synchro’s, Thrysistors, transistors, TRIAC, unijunction transistor (UJT), and Zener diodes.


Three (3) years of experience with the required system or process as either a maintenance technician or operator with responsibility for teaching the applicable system or function task to others in an apprentice level training environment. Of the three years, one (1) year experience as an instructor in a Navy Training Environment, to include curriculum maintenance, writing learning objectives, preparing test items, evaluating instructional materials and the results of instruction and counseling students on academic learning problems.


Preferred Experience:

  • Master Training Specialist
  • NEC 9502
  • NAVEDTRA 131/132 curriculum development


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BBachelor's Degree in a related technical discipline, or the equivalent combination of education, technical certifications, training, or work/military experience.