Tactical Vehicle Operator - Military veterans preferred

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  full-time   employee

Fort Irwin
United States

Job Summary
The Tactical Vehicle Operator primarily operates tactical vehicles to include Palletize Loading System six wheel drive, Tractor trailers, Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck recovery vehicles, HEMMT fuel tankers, 5 ton Cargo trucks. Performs operator level preventive maintenance checks and services on tactical vehicles in accordance with applicable technical manuals.
Principal Accountabilities
(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
  • Operates logistical tactical vehicles to include Palletize Loading System (PLS) six wheel drive, Tractor trailers (six wheel drive), HEMMT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) (8 wheel drive) recovery vehicles, HEMMT (8 wheel drive) fuel tankers, 5 ton Cargo (6 wheel drive) trucks.
  • Operates tactical vehicles in simulated combat conditions across rough terrain within the tactical environment both day and night.
  • Operates tactical vehicles during night conditions with white lights, black-out drive, and night vision goggle operations as mission requires.
  • Performs operator level preventive maintenance checks and services on tactical vehicles in accordance with applicable technical manuals and before / during / after check lists (Fuel, water, oil, tires, lights, brakes, wiper blades, cleanliness and etc.)
  • Operates tactical radios or telephones to communicate with the base station and other vehicles in accordance with proper radio communications protocol.
  • Maintains compliance with all pertinent dispatch and en route reporting procedures (by documentation, radio or telephone). Immediately reports accidents / delays / incidents.
  • Operates tactical vehicles in a safe, efficient manner and complies with DOT vehicle regulations,
  • NTC Range Control rules, NTC Rules of Engagement and NTC, FORSCOM & Army regulations.
  • Driver is responsible for positioning and securing all loads to provide safe and undamaged delivery of cargo over rough terrain. and for possessing proper documentation for cargo
  • Operates and uses basic hand tools, binders, chains, tie down straps, chock blocks, timber blocks, cables, jacks, stands lift gates
  • Performs emergency en route repairs and recovery as required in a simulated tactical environment. Operators will conduct self recovery operations utilizing on board winch systems.
  • Operators will become proficient with wrecker operations for tactical field recovery missions in simulated combat conditions.
  • Picks up and delivers various types of cargo and equipment to field locations within the tactical environment as well as locations within and outside of the NTC operating environment.
  • Operators will be proficient with self refueling and trans-loading of fuels and water.
  • Performs clean-up duties and polices the areas as assigned
  • Operators will be required to perform mission on short notice and take breaks when mission requirements allow.
  • Operators will be required to load, transport, unload and explosives, live ammunition, and pyrotechnics in a simulated combat environment across and in rough terrain.
  • Combination of Vehicle, with T-Doubles/Triples, X-Combined Tanker/Haz-Mat endorsements.
  • Supports / Participates in the Company Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) and QA Program
  • Mentors and assists with on-the-job training and cross-training
  • Participates in training and cross-training sessions as required or necessary
  • Develops an in depth understanding of the company’s concept of support for Rotational Units.
  • Complies with all Company rules, policies and procedures
  • Complies with all safety, environmental and quality standards and applicable COPs and DOPs
  • Provides for the accountability and proper care of all GFE / CFE
  • Favorably interacts with internal / external customers
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Knowledge & Skills

  • Must understand and be able to use Technical Manuals
  • Must be experienced in computer usage
  • Must be able to speak, read and write English fluently
  • Writes performance evaluation comments and reports when places in a control/ assignment directive role
  • Work under stressful circumstances and meets shorts suspense dates
  • Will be required, on an as needed basis, to assist to perform functions in alternate areas of the project
  • Operators will maintain a current, valid California Commercial Driver’s License Class A Vehicle

Experience & Education

  • Relevant experience must include at least six (6) months experience in their current position except when promoting to a higher rated position
  • High school diploma or equivalent (GED)

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must be free of medical restriction/ limitations that prevent the performance of required duties and/ or prevent the wearing and utilization of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Must be physically capable of performing the work in conditions of extreme temperatures, low humidity, rain and blowing sand and dust
  • Employees shall utilize all proper lifting procedures and practices associated with all lifting and material handling tasks that are assigned and associated with this job description
  • May be required to work on uncommon hours of duty, extended hours, nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Must possess a valid state driver’s license and be able to obtain a military operator’s permit for each type of vehicle or equipment required to operate
  • Must be able to meet CMF criteria in accordance with DA PAM 611-21 and AR 601-210
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain CDL IAW Army Regulation 600-55 and any additional endorsements required for duty assignment