Flight Operations Dispatcher - Military veterans preferred

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  full-time   employee

Marshall Islands

Job Summary
The Flight Operations Dispatcher performs flight operational and administrative duties as the designated representative ensuring the safety of the flight.
Principal Accountabilities
(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
  • Regularly monitor operational condition of runways, taxiways, and interprets and posts weather reports with meteorological aids such as wind velocity and direction, visibility and pertinent data on other aircraft operation in vicinity.
  • Maintains flight information on inbound and outbound flights, accepts flight plans from pilots and reviews them for completeness, and receives and transmits flight plans.
  • Encodes, decodes, and posts notices to airmen (NOTAMS) for assigned location(s).
  • Monitors and answer radio calls from arriving and departing aircraft and issues landing and takeoff clearances and information as runway and taxiway to use.
  • Transfers control of departing flights to and accepts control of arriving flight when air traffic control center isn’t on duty, alerts airport emergency crew and other designated personnel by radio or telephone when airplanes are having flight difficulties.
  • Flight Operations Dispatcher control airfield floodlights, runway lights, taxi lights, threshold lights, ramp lights, and PAPI lighting.
  • Advises pilots of operational restrictions of hazards to flight and communication of Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) program.
  • Identify flight safety issues including violations of airfield clearing criteria and hazards to arriving, departing, and parked aircraft
  • Coordinate with military, federal, international, and local agencies concerning flight planning, training route utilization, flight movement messages, search/ rescue operations, and base contingency/operational plans and schedule coordinator.
  • Advise military and civilian agencies on closure of runways, taxiways, aircraft parking aprons/spots, airfield repairs/construction, and availability of airfield lighting/navigational aid systems
  • Coordinate with base agencies to ensure proper support to all base, transient VIP aircraft, passengers, and crews and perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Knowledge of foreign and U.S. military aircraft, military aviation flight operations or equivalent, and maintenance procedures is highly desirable.
  • Knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, instructions, and directives pertaining to airfield planning and design criteria, aircraft operations, and airfield management.
  • Knowledge of safety and security regulations, practices, and procedures
  • Skill in analyzing, planning and adjusting work operations to meet program requirements and objectives within available resources
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software required.
  • Proficiency in reading and disseminating METARS required.
  • Proficiency in filing DD Form 1801s required.
  • Ability to read, write, and interpret technical data is required in English required
  • Have excellent communication skills, high attention to detail and the ability to perform under pressure.

Experience & Education

  • Two (2) years of experience in Flight Operations.
  • One (1) year as a Flight Operations Dispatcher preferred.
  • High school diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Living and working conditions at assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable
  • Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions
  • Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions