Welder IV - Military veterans preferred

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  full-time   employee

Marshall Islands

Job Summary
The Welder IV is required to work with managers and other supervisors to organize and coordinate department activities.  Maintain and repair equipment, weld repair, and flow test to insure efficient utilization of time.
Principal Accountabilities
  • Analyze engineering drawings and specifications to plan layout, assembly, and welding operations
  • Interpret blueprints, layouts and work orders and fabricate products
  • Perform MIG, TIG and stick welding using tools such as: a variety of hand tools, jigs, and fixtures; a variety of welding machines; welding rods, gases, and processes; cutting torch and torch equipment
  • Provide guidance and oversight to other employees
  • Maintain welding equipment and preventative maintenance plan
  • Maintain neat housekeeping and cleanliness of work environment
  • Perform assignments carried out to the highest quality level
  • Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job

Knowledge & Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to safely and properly use forklift, jib cranes, hoists, and overhead cranes to move and position materials
  • Demonstrated practical knowledge of metallurgy as it relates to the welding and joining of metals and metal components
  • Knowledge of procedures for cleaning and correcting defects in weldments
  • Understand and apply welding standards for spot welding and techniques for welding and flame cutting of materials: reaction of materials and metals to heat
  • Understand shop practices and safety regulations applicable to work
  • Ability to correctly read and interpret blueprints, engineering specifications and related work procedures in order to effectively repair weldments
  • Must be able to read and comprehend material and/or instructions contained in technical or manufacturer’s manuals
  • Working knowledge on welding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Ability to use standard measuring tools such as measuring tapes, calipers, and micrometers
  • Possess the appropriate mathematic skills to perform any and all required calculations
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing in English
  • Ability to understanding to carry out detailed but uninvolved written or oral instructions

Experience & Education

  • Minimum five (5) years combined experience in heavy industrial weldments, and weldment repairs
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Welding Certifications from accredited welding academies or trade schools
  • Previous AWS or ABS Certification for Steel and Aluminum
  • Additional experience/education may be required by contract or assignment

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must be prepared to be called out at all hours
  • Must be able to efficiently work in extreme temperatures; and work in an engine room and/or void spaces where there is no air conditioning
  • Living and working conditions at the assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable
  • Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions
  • Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions