Senior Training & Develop Specialist - Military veterans preferred

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Military Training Analyst

Job Description:

  • Serves as a Combat Functions (Battlefield Operating Systems) Maneuver Analyst in the Training Analysis and Feedback (TAF) Section of the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, (JMRC) Hohenfels, Germany, covering the areas of intelligence, maneuver, mobility/counter mobility/survivability, air defense artillery, command and control, and combat service support.
  • Responsible for collecting, analyzing, summarizing, formatting, displaying, and presenting (digitally, graphically, and orally) combat exercise information, using the concepts and principles of US Army Doctrine, the Combat Training Center Methodology, and the JMRC instrumentation system (JMRC-IS) to enhance the training effect for USAREUR units.
  • Operates and monitors the Command, Control and Communications (C4I) systems that make up the JMRC-IS and analyzes resulting outputs to provide accurate and timely input for the automated, audio / visual After Action Reviews (AAR) and Take Home Packages (THP) at platoon through brigade levels.
  • Reviews exercise scenarios and develops the data collection and scenario control plan and provides cues to the Observer/Controllers (O/C) to assist in scenario control and input of battlefield effects.
  • Assists in scenario control and the input of battlefield effects and conducts pre-exercise instrumentation checks to ensure all BLUFOR and OPFOR players/vehicles are properly instrumented and tracked by the JMRC-IS.
  • Observes military maneuver training, command and staff operations and applies experience and familiarity with Battlefield Operating Systems to provide feedback to the training unit.

Required Baseline Education/Experience:
  • A bachelor’s degree plus 4 years of recent specialized experience, OR; An associate’s degree plus 6 years of recent specialized experience, OR; A major certification plus 8 years of recent specialize experience, OR; 12 years of recent specialized experience.

Skills Required:
Detailed knowledge of U.S. Army tactical operations doctrine and Battle Operating Systems at the Maneuver Company/Team, Battalion/Task Force, and Brigade levels.
  • Detailed knowledge of Combat Training Center Methodology, understanding the interrelationships of O/Cs, analysts, Opposing Forces (OPFOR) and the JMRC-IS, which focuses on providing a realistic battlefields for units to engage in combat with MILES weaponry and to receive in-depth reviews of observations concerning their performance.
  • Ability to analyze and properly assess platoon, company, battalion, and brigade performance based on personal knowledge, analyses of others, and exercise recordings.
  • Skilled through hands on experience and/or study in practical use and application of U.S. military training simulators and simulation systems used in training U.S. Army war fighting and tactical operations.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the US Army Battlefield Operation Systems, maintenance and logistics systems.
  • Knowledge and practical experience in the use of U.S. military Command, Control, and Communication (C4I) systems.
  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking the English language, and knowledge of and experience with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Military mission, structure, technical standards and specifications, and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications.
  • U.S. SECRET Security Clearance.

This is a full time position that includes relocation but not DoDDS schooling.

IISGTS 148121