Advisor, Logistics Automation - Military veterans preferred

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Job Summary
Logistics Automation Senior Advisor will serves under the strategic direction and guidance of Resolute Support Missions Deputy Chief of Staff Support (RSM’s DCOS SPT) and Essential Function 5 (EF 5), advise and mentor Afghanistan Nation Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) personnel on making their logistics systems and processes standardized, effective, reproducible, and aligned throughout ANDSF along with Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) national systems and functions; with a focus on logistics system development, implementation and alignment.
Principal Accountabilities
  • Mentor and advise the ANDSF on CoreIMS EE as the automated inventory system used by ANDSF to track and manage all Afghan materiel which also includes medical and aircraft ground support branches of the ANDSF.
  • Provide technical assistance to ANDSF to augment RSM DCOS SPT (EF 5)’s effort in deploying and training ANDSF personnel in the use and operation of the system.
  • Work in conjunction with RSM DCOS SPT (EF 5) personnel in order to train ANDSF personnel to be able to conduct independent supply operations with CoreIMS EE at the various levels of supply from the local to the national level of ANDSF supply operations.
  • Develop, operate, maintain, and train ANDSF personnel in the daily operations and Duties of a CoreIMS EE Database Administrator (DBA); to include hardware operations, with the goal to transition operation and DBA responsibilities to the ANDSF and establish a “Help Desk.”
  • Train ANDSF on automation mission critical components such as data and hardware integrity, consolidation, database security, and reporting. Various crystal reports need to be developed under the guidance of RSM and ANDSF; included is to train the ANDSF to develop their own reports.
  • A previous edition of CoreIMS exists as a standalone version that contains approximately 4 years of data that requires migration to the web based Enterprise Edition. The end state is a consolidated database operated by ANDSF.
  • Focus immediate attention to transition CoreIMS (standalone) data to CoreIMS EE. Transfer of data shall occur within 4 months; weekly progress reports are required.
  • Establish procedures, publish Statement Operating Procedure s (SOPs), and train ANDSF Help Desk and DBA personnel to resolve basic computer issues and be able to answer basic supply questions.
  • Create, maintain, and update CoreIMS EE lesson plans aimed at educating ANDSF personnel in order for them to be able to operate systems independently of outside assistance.
  • Monitor performance of ANDSF personnel conducting automated systems functions for deficiencies and provide corrective training as required to eliminate noted deficiencies.
  • Outline identified deficiencies and corrective actions taken and provide written reports to RSM DCOS SPT (EF5), monthly.
  • Serve as DBA and system administrator for CoreIMS EE until ANDSF can take over this function.
  • Ensure close coordination with a similar effort on the ANDSF and Ministry of Interior/Afghan National Police (MoI/ANP) is required to ensure that the end state is a single ANDSF system.
  • Provide on job training vertically and horizontally throughout ANDSF, Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Afghan National Army (ANA) logistics systems.
  • Advise and mentor the ANDSF on developing common national logistics system.
  • Provide a weekly activity report including: actions, opportunities, recommendations, and results which record this effort.
  • Organize alignment and communication both horizontally and vertically throughout the MoD and ANDSF and with RSM.
  • Where material exists within the MoD or MoI it shall be adjusted and used.
  • Ensure close coordination between the contractor and RSM DCOS SPT to ensure that MoD and ANDSF gets one single “message.” Develop metrics and procedures to optimize database performance to ensure maximum uptime and provide reports weekly.
  • Provide 24 hour on call after hours phone support
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Knowledge & Skills
  • Working knowledge of automated inventory systems.

Experience & Education

  • One to Five Years’ experience in at least 5 of the following:
    • Production experience in a dynamic environment.
    • SQL Server Integration Systems.
    • Crystal Report Development and Deployment.
    • Database Implementations.
    • Relational Database Experience.
    • Disaster Recovery.
    • Performance Analysis and Tuning.
    • Recoverability - Creating and testing Backups.
    • Integrity - Verifying or help to verify data integrity.
    • Security - Defining and implementing access controls to the system and data rights.
    • Performance - Ensuring maximum system performance.
    • Familiar with Core Partners Inventory Management Systems
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Certification. At least three years of experience with Store Procedures, relational database, Crystal Reports, SQL 2005, performance tuning, SSIS, rolling out system updates and patches.
    • Previous experience as a DBA
    • Must have a final (not interim) DoD SECRET Level Security Clearance before deployment and maintain that clearance.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must pass all medical and fitness requirements directed by US Central Command (CENTCOM) in order to deploy.
  • Must be able to operate in harsh and austere conditions of Afghanistan


  • Must be capable of daily travel in and around Kabul as well as to locations throughout Afghanistan.