Administrative Assistant-Active Clearance Required - Military veterans preferred

Frontier Technology, Inc. (


San Diego
United States

FTI is seeking a hands-on Administrative Assistant to assist staff and students in the day to day operations based in San Diego, California. The individual in the position is expected to communicate to immediate supervisors and students of the organization. This role offers the opportunity to scale your core administrative skill.
In this role you will provide critical support in assisting students in accurately filling out forms and other administrative needs, Candidate must have experience and show a strong understanding with working with Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), Transaction Online Processing (TOPS) and Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) database systems.
Success in this role is defined by forging strong relationships with internal organizations, taking ownership of development, introduction, and growth of processes, along with flawless execution to organizational goals.
Job Duties:
Promulgate rosters for class convening; track and update information on rosters weekly; create student check in packages.
Assist students in accurately filling out forms; send forms to Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) via Transaction Online Processing (TOPS); review TOPS daily and follow up on any actions identified by PSD.
Ensure Admin Alerts are logged and tracked upon receipt; ensure all students checking in have created an account in NSIPS to access their Electronic Service Records; place students in the correct department and division
Ensure all applicable travel regulations have been met by the member and dependents.
Brief members on Advance Travel, Dislocation, and Per Diem allowances; assist the students in filling out their check out packages.
Ensure check out packages contain the students' latest orders modification and all travel entitlements are completed.
Counsel staff and students on their entitlements for transfer; assist with the proper paperwork for passports, travel arrangements, and medical screenings; enter the status of the overseas screening.
Ensure staff and students report to the command in the correct time frame; conduct group and individual check-ins; prepare reporting and detaching endorsements, update record of emergency data
Submit documents for military pay order; determine availability and utilization of government quarters and messing facilities; verify eligibility and prepare documents for Basic Housing Allowance.
Assist students in filling out travel claims; coordinate with the pay and transportation clerks in resolving overlapping problems; verify accuracy and currency of records and draft or initiate contact to procure missing documents.
Track pending actions from PSD; serve as the contact for answering questions regarding entitlements; coordinate with PSD and members to update required documents during the members' assignment.
Provide exit processing for staff and students transferring to new duty stations; conduct individual interviews to determine their need for flight itineraries, leave time authorized;
Ensure that the member and dependents meet the qualification requirements for specific overseas assignments and coordinates the port call, passport and visa requirements.
Initiate, type, and prepare messages, memorandums, correspondence, reports to support staff and student personnel actions

Preferred Skills and Experience:
BS degree in business administration, public administration, or a closely related field.
Have preferably two years of administrative experience in a professional office environment.
Specialized experience for this position includes extensive experience providing administration support and proficiency with Microsoft Office including Excel, Outlook and Word.
Excellent time management and organizational ability
Ability to multitask and meet constant deadlines
Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills to work effectively with team members and customers at all levels
Demonstrated ability to lead and participate in a team environment, managing military and commercial customer relations
Established relationships and reputation in DoD and interagency environments
Experience managing DoD administration activities