GPOI Soldier Skills Trainer - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee



 SAIC is seeking Soldier Skills Trainers for work in various African countries partnered with the US State Department's GPOI (Global Peace Operations Initiative) training program. GPOI has absorbed the Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA) program. GPOI manages the program under the Department of State's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs in collaboration with the Bureau of African Affairs/Security Assistance (AF/SA).   The program provides mentoring, advising, and training support and assistance to Host Nation (HN) training centers, their cadre, and units (company to brigade size and including multi-national force headquarters) in training for peacekeeping missions.  This training may include extensive field training as well as training, equipment and infrastructure support for the training center and its staff and instructors.


  Positions are located in English and non-English speaking countries. Foreign language (primarily French) capability is highly desired for consideration in non-English speaking locations.


 The PSO Soldier Skills Trainers will:


 Mentor, advise, assist, and/or instruct and supervise PKO soldier skills training in Africa for host nation company grade officers, NCOs, and their soldiers


 Be prepared to conduct or support training on marksmanship, movement formations and techniques, infantry squad and platoon battle drills, route clearance & convoys, C-IED, reconnaissance, checkpoints, crowd control, and cordon and search operations


 Instruct host nation soldiers in human rights (to include gender respect, elimination of sexual exploitation and child protection), individual health maintenance, individual first aid, HIV/AIDS prevention, and an orientation in United Nations peacekeeping operations --all in the context of the tactical PSO environment. 


 Assist in the development of POIs, lesson plans, and training support packages for individual and collective tactical training to include integrating the human rights and protection of civilians described above.


 Review and apply appropriate US, UN, and Host Nation doctrine and guidance applicable to the task for which they are responsible to prepare and instruct.






 Minimum of ten (10) years of U.S. military operations and training experience.


 Subject matter expert in at least one (1) Combat Arms U.S. Military Occupational Specialty, Branch, or Functional Area.  

 Must be able to speak French at a minimum of a 2/2 level.

 Have a relevant blend of skills, experience, and knowledge that will allow individual to best support the requirements of the US Government statement of work. 


Desired Qualifications