Internal Affairs (IA) Law Enforcement Advisors (IA-LEA) - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee



SAIC is seeking highly qualified men and women to serve as Police Internal Affairs (IA) Law Enforcement Advisors (IA-LEA) with specialized police misconduct and criminal investigative expertise and experience in assisting foreign police officials. The IA-LEA will be responsible for training, advising and mentoring Philippine National Police (PNP) officials on best practices for managing and reforming the PNP Internal Affairs Service (IAS) in furthering the PNP internal reform strategy. The IA-LEA serves as part of a larger team of law enforcement technical advisors in assisting the PNP to professionalize the police service with high-integrity, strong foundations in rule of law, respect for human rights and applied global best practices in law enforcement disciplines. The IA-LEA will work directly with PNP-IAS and PNP senior command officials, among others, advising and mentoring on the following:


Best approaches for implementing the PNP strategy for identifying, investigating and correcting police personnel involved in illegal activities

Best approaches for selecting, training and supervising dedicated internal affairs investigators and personnel

Effective approaches for working with PNP Unit Commanders and field police personnel in detecting, deterring, preventing and reporting police misconduct and criminality

Developing and utilizing databases and case management systems for securing managing derogatory information and sources alleging police misconduct and criminality

Police internal affairs approaches for conducting and utilizing police misconduct investigations, surveillance, and interviewing techniques

Processes, policies, procedures and accountability for reviewing and adjudicating internal affairs cases, substantiated and unsubstantiated, for disposition, including but not limited to, referral for prosecution;

Best practices for reforming and re-training of retained PNP personnel whose misconduct was substantiated, described by PNP as “erring personnel”

Evaluating, revising and strengthening the effectiveness of erring personnel re-training programs

Best practices for handling cases of “special concern” involving high profile or high-risk circumstances

Administrative, managerial, policy and procedural approaches for achieving the three (3) approaches of PNP’s strategy - restorative, punitive and preventative – toward police reform and, but not limited to Improvements to the PNP-IAS staffing, training, policies, administration, implementation, budgeting, logistics, prosecutorial coordination, data management and sustainability

Duties also include facilitating meetings; leading working groups; developing reports and specialized papers; reviewing and editing policies; manuals and Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs); conducting briefings; and, active participation in advising officials. Work will be performed at designated host-country site(s)





U.S. Citizen


Minimum of 15 years of law enforcement experience, with most of the relevant experience in state or federal law enforcement agencies of 75 or more police officers, deputy sheriffs and/or special agents


Minimum of 10 years of experience in conducting police misconduct and criminal investigations within a Police Internal Affairs Unit, Office of Professional Responsibility and/or Office of the Inspector General (with oversight of law enforcement personnel with arrest authority)


Minimum of 5 years of progressive supervisory law enforcement experience that includes responsibility over or command responsibility within a Police Internal Affairs Unit, Office of Professional


Responsibility and/or Office of the Inspector General (with oversight of law enforcement personnel with arrest authority)


Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, human relations, international relations or related fields from a U.S. Department of Education recognized institution


Certification of training in police internal affairs or Office of Inspector General criminal investigations techniques, case management, informant management and case agent prosecutorial preparation


Demonstrated experience as a case agent in criminal prosecution of police misconduct or corruption cases


Experience reorganizing or standing up an internal affairs unit or special task force involving staffing, budgeting, policies, procedures and training requirements


Demonstrated strong written and verbal communications skills, to include active listening, with effectiveness across a wide range of government officials of varying ranks and positions, to include elected officials

Desired Qualifications


Foreign language proficiencies, in addition to English, Tagalog is preferred

Master’s degree to above in criminal justice, human resources, international relations or related fields from a U.S. Department of Education recognized institution

Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of diverse regional cultures and customs, with emphasis desired on the Asia-Pacific region

Demonstrated experience in project management, utilizing the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)

Demonstrated experience in training, advising or mentoring foreign criminal justice officials 

Experience operating in austere and resource-strained environments