Sys Safety Engr_NASA_SMAEC - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee

United States


Job Description:

In support of NASA Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA), the primary purpose of the GFE Software Assurance Engineer position is to assure that acquired and developed GFE software products supporting spaceflight are safe, reliable, and capable of performing required functions.  GFE projects supported fall under the ISS Program, Orion Program, Extravehicular Activity, and various other NASA initiatives.  Direct customers are the NASA GFE S&MA Software Assurance Lead and assigned GFE projects acquiring, developing, and/or integrating software.  Other internal customers include the Vehicle Systems Engineering, Safety, Quality and Operations groups as well as SAIC contract supervision and management.  Products include safety data package inputs; documented comments, issues, and discrepancies; product inspection/review results; analysis and recommendations for NASA/SAIC management via milestone and product reviews, program panels/boards and Certificate of Flight Readiness (CoFR); as well as procedures.  Position duties include:  assure that GFE software requirements, design, and products meet NASA Flight Program (e.g., International Space Station Program), and Safety & Mission Assurance (S&MA) software assurance requirements; assess software development, test, verification, process documentation, and change products and identify issues and non-compliances; ensure compliance with program S&MA requirements (e.g., Computer Based Controls System Safety Requirements (SSP 50038B), ISS System Specifications (SSP 41000) and ISS Safety Requirements Document (50021)) and applicable NASA standards (NPR/JPR 7150.2, NASA-STD-8719, NASA-STD-8739).  The GFE Software Assurance Engineer is expected to perform the following:  prepare reports, present findings of audits/assessments and evaluations, and provide recommendations to the assigned GFE project, and NASA GFE S&MA Software Assurance Lead; author or review and revise internal work processes; and participate in, and represent software S&MA assurance, as appropriate and as required in working groups, panels and boards in order to perform the above described tasks




Education and Experience:

Possess a bachelors or higher degree in a technical field, preferably computer science, software engineering, other engineering fields, physics, or chemistry.  Understanding of NASA software engineering and software assurance requirements. Familiar with NASA flight certification processes, or certification processes for other industries, including safety. 


Experience to span 3-5 years in one or more of the following areas

  • Software Assurance of Safety Critical Software, to include Safety Package development

  • Control system safety for systems containing software or programmable electronics, to include Safety Data Package development

  • Development of NASA Safety Critical Software, or systems containing software

  • Development or safety engineering of critical software or systems containing software, for customers other than NASA.  Examples: medical devices, oil and gas, aviation.


Desired Qualifications


Training and experience with Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a plus.