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Commel Technician II - Military veterans preferred

Defense Contracting


  full-time   contract


AMENTUM has an exciting opportunity in Afghanistan on theEAGLE contract forCOMMEL Technician II. The Inspector inspects, analyzes and diagnoses a variety of communications and electronic equipment using various testing meters and devices. Tests circuits, tubes and allied parts; isolates defects and makes shop and field repairs; adjusts, alters and adapts radio and other electronic equipment to meet specific needs for effective operation.Analyzes chronic equipment failure, designs system improvements, estimates project time and costs, and prepares specialized reports of program activities. Processes all customer work requests from the PPC office.In-processes, verifies and finalizes all work requests before Quality Assurance inspection. Provides help, advice, and authoritative references to work center supervisors and technicians.Inspects work throughout the entire repair process. Establishes and maintains a technical publications program. Establishes a deficiency analysis program and performs technical reviews.Processes material deficiencies. Reviews work center facility, systems installation and equipment records management. Performs technical reviews of modification proposals and processes valid proposals according to applicable directives.Performs hands-on maintenance, when necessary, to instruct/train technicians. Validates and assists in the development of technicians as needed.Maintains proficiency on related training tasks. Performs other duties as assigned
2-3 years experience in Electronic Maintenance Field is required.
Must be US citizen
Military Veteran candidates must be Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 94E/F/M or 25C/U
Qualified or the U.S. Navy / Airforce / Marine / Coast Guard equivalent schools (DD214 Verified)
non-military candidates must have 3-4 years civilian contracting experience if primary duties included
maintenance and installation of communications systems with a primary contracting company providing
support to the U.S. Military and must be reflected and verified in the resume of candidate.
Specialized knowledge and skills:Must have knowledge of integrated circuits, electronic principles and theory, including solid state
components as applied to control, function, and logic circuit; digital and analog circuits; functional use of
complex electronic test equipment; electronic power, data processing and communications equipment;
principles and methods of electronics systems maintenance and repair; and safety procedures.
Must be able to navigate through and understand the use of complex Army technical manuals.
Must have experience in using TMDE to include test sets, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and spectrum
analyzers, and other electronics test sets.
Must have experience on how to determine the cause and location of malfunctions, extent of faults and the
level of maintenance required.
Must have experience with NVDs, COMSEC Repair, BFT/FBCB2, and ground to ground radio
communication system installations.
Must be able to follow logical procedures with regard for consequences in problem solving; making
calculations; interpreting schematics; reading, writing and communicating verbally, in the use of high
voltage equipment.
Must have the English language speaking ability to speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy
and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social, and
professional topics.
Must be able to read standard newspaper items addressed to the general reader, routine correspondence,
reports, and technical materials in the individual's special field.
Drivers license may be required.
Work Environment and Physical Demands:
Ability to perform job duties efficiently and effectively during a 77 hour work week.
Must be able to lift 25 lbs. continuously, 50 intermittently.
Must be able to work in extreme environmental conditions including dust and high temperatures.
Must be able to endure long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions.
Former Military experience preferred.

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.


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