Training Analyst Principal - Military veterans preferred



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Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Simulator Instructor‑Operator

Location of Performance: Einsiedlerhof AS, Germany

Requirements: Rated fighter/attack pilot with Close Air Support (CAS) experience and/or Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTACs) experience  The Contractor shall provide operational fighter/attack pilot and/or JTAC support including but not limited to: developing realistic and relevant Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for virtual fighter/attack simulators in support of tactical and operational level training events, coordinate with WPC planners to incorporate simulators into relevant exercises and training events, assist other planners in meeting area of responsibility (AOR) mission requirements during events, operate Instructor Operating Station (IOS) and coordinate with engineers and technicians for maintenance, optimization, and upgrades to fighter and JTAC simulators.  Communicate directly via radio with a live JTAC or Joint Forward Observer in the field or in a training environment, using current brevity code verbiage, while conducting a simulated attack or providing Non-Traditional Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (NTISR) using on-board targeting pod.  Additionally, the Contractor will be expected to control and perform duties as blue air/red air with constructive models including but not limited to MACE and NGTS.  Support includes event preparation, mission briefing and debriefing with exercise participants, identification of lessons learned and compiling After Action Reports (AARs)


Experience/qualifications:  Fighter/attack USAF aircrew with recent operational CAS experience within five years, minimum of 200 hours of Instructor or Evaluator experience, or have recent experience providing like training support (based on applicable weapon system and mission set) and/or JTAC with recent operational experience within five years.   

Desired Familiarity with the following:  Contractor should be familiar with USAF aircrew, JTAC and distributed training requirements, methodology and procedures.  The SMEs must have familiarity with USAF and Joint policy and doctrine as well as experience with the planning and execution of joint, combined, allied, and other partner nation’s operations and exercises. Contractor should be familiar with AFH 36-2235, Information for Designers of Instructional Systems, Volumes 1-13, AFMAN 36-2234, Instructional System Development, and AFMAN 36-2236, Guidebook for AF Instructors. USAF Weapons School graduate qualification desired for fighter/attack pilot.


Security Clearance and Training Requirements: Secret (fully adjudicated and eligible for NATO), eligible for Top Secret SCI for one CAS fighter/attack pilot and one JTAC for Distributed Training Squadron; previous Secret clearance and able to obtain Secret clearance for one Combat Training Squadron JTAC.


TYPICAL EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelors and ten (10) years or more of related experience; Masters and eight (8) years or more experience ; PhD or JD and two (2) years or more experience