NRL NEPTUNE Research Scientist - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee

United States


The performer will perform process-based studies of synoptic and mesoscale weather phenomenon in support of the NRL mission using a suite of Navy environmental numerical prediction systems including the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS®) and the next-generation Navy Environmental Prediction sysTem Utilizing the NUMA CorE (NEPTUNE) configured in real-data and idealized model simulation modes.  The performer will develop improved or new methods the increase the accuracy of the representation of moist processes within the tropics, such as convection, monsoon depressions/gyres, and the Madden-Julian Oscillation, in Navy numerical models.  The performer will perform development and testing of cloud permitting global and regional numerical simulations using NEPTUNE and evaluate the interaction of parameterized moist processes with the dynamical core.  The performer will also assist in the diagnosis of systematic model errors and mitigate these errors through advancements in model physics.


Shall have at a minimum a M.S. degree in Meteorology, Oceanography, Physical Science, Computer Science, or in a related Mathematics and Engineering fields.

Must be a co-developer of global and/or mesoscale NWP models and scripting for the management of job submission and data processing tasks, including error handling; provide recommendations to team lead for resolution of research issues related to global and/or mesoscale modeling problems; parallel processing computing experience.

Desired Qualifications


Experience with a combination of FORTRAN, C, C++, or Java, and scripting programming languages using the LINUX operating system.

Experience publishing peer-reviewed scientific literature, software documentation, climatologies, guidebooks and/or handbooks.

High Performance Computing (HPC) experience.