Aviation 15R MOS Qualification Course Instructor - Military veterans preferred

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Functions as an Aviation 15R MOS Qualification Course Instructor under the direction of the Aviation Institute Senior Training Manager. Responsible for performing duties as an 15R Course Instructor, conducting academic instruction, hands-on performance training, and evaluations to ensure student proficiency and adherence to maintenance standards. Responsible for maintaining Student Training Records.

The 15R Course Instructor shall perform all above duties to include POI technical writing/course ware development and periodic revisions as necessary. Additionally, will Create, implement, and modify curriculum as required to meet course learning objectives.

1. Provide classroom and hands on Instruction utilizing a variety of teaching techniques to prepare students for MOS Qualification.
2. Maintain and manage classroom environment, equipment, tools, and supplies.
3. Able to perform duties in a culturally sensitive environment and maintain a professional approach, attitude, and appearance at all times.
4. Other duties as assigned and or directed by management.

Education Level:
1. High school diploma or equivalent required; BS in Professional Aeronautics preferred.
2. Previously qualified as a US Army (or equivalent) Crewmember/ Senior NCO (E-6-E8) with a minimum of 6 years' experience required; 10 years' experience preferred.
3. Graduate of the Fort Eustis maintainer course, entry level required; Fort Eustis maintainer course instructor preferred.
4. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of applications

Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Ability Requirements:
1. Able to develop syllabi and provide instruction to 15R MOS candidates.
2. Knowledge of Army Aviation training concepts, administration, and logistics.
3. Demonstrated performance in leading staff and team members to achieve organizational goals.
4. Demonstrated performance in the development of organizational plans, policies, and operational procedures.
5. Ability to communicate both orally and written.
6. Ability to communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner.
7. Possess a valid driver's license.
8. DD214 required for military experience.
9. Pass employment and deployment qualification requirements that include medical, drug testing, background checks, etc.

All interested applicants should apply on line by clicking on the "apply" tab and searching the Requisition field for "15R MOS Qualification Course Instructor-4270-036" on our website at www.vinnellarabia.com or follow the link below, then by submitting a copy of the their driver's license, Military chronological resume, ERB and a copy of their DD 214, copy 4.