Instructional Developer - CSFE - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee

Port Hueneme Cbc Base
United States



Job Description:

Development of training products using a systematic approach, adult learning theories, learning technologies, and industry best practices for instructional design.

Major responsibilities include:

  • Analyze, design, develop, produce, and provide instructional material for promulgation in a systematic manner using an approved Government authoring system and learning management system, or legacy systems.
  • Select instructional media, materials, and equipment best suited to meet learning objectives.
  • Plan and accomplish production of all instructional materials.
  • Identify the relationship between training deficiencies and training system modification requirements.
  • Write training materials, including tasks, learning objectives, format, organization, content, lesson maps, instructional strategies, methodologies, learning events and activities, test items, interface design and controls for Interactive Multi-Media products.
  • Develop video and audio scripts, storyboards, graphics, and data files.
  • Develop lesson plans, exercise controller guides, on-the-job training handbooks, and student materials including information sheets, diagram sheets, job sheets, assignment sheets, problem sheets, and outline sheets.
  • Plan, develop, and review objectives, content, methods, resources, and procedures of evaluation in an unbiased way.
  • Develop testing instruments to pretest learners' previous learning levels; measure cognitive/psychomotor/affective domains and performance accomplishments during formative and summative evaluations; test achievement at the end of a course of instruction.
  • Develop testing plans, test administrator's guide, test question spreadsheets (typically Excel formats) for import to CeTARS, and a cross reference list of test items and related learning objectives.
  • Assist in formative and summative evaluations and in applying the findings for improving training and instruction, ensuring all instructional Metadata is implemented
  • Additional duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education/Psychology/Instructional System Design is preferred or similar technical degree;
  • 3+ years’ experience (5+ years’ experience without a degree);
  • Maintain minimum “Secret” level security clearance;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software;
  • Written and oral communication skills;
  • Ability to read, interpret, organize, and synthesize source material into well-written, concise learning products;
  • Proficient with the Authoring Instructional Material (AIM) II;
  • Ability to apply Integrated Learning Environment (ILE), ILT and IMI principles and guidelines for the design and development of training products;
  • Experience in the learning theories such as: ISD-Instructional System Design (ADDIE or similar), Andragogy-Learning strategies focused on adults, Bloom’s Taxonomy-Classification of learning objectives within education, Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction-An instructional design model put together by Robert Gagne, Collaborative Constructivist Learning-Sociological theory of knowledge that applies the general philosophical constructionism into social settings, Problem-based Learning-Student centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject in the context of complex, multifaceted, and realistic problems, Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning-Encompasses several principles of learning with multimedia, Discovery Learning-Participant will gather Data and make determinations based on case study information.
  • Experience/background in Underwater Construction Team (UCT), Naval Construction Force (NCF) senior enlisted or Civil Engineering Corps Officer, or NAVFAC Facilities Engineering/Planning.
  • Ability to learn and establish a working knowledge of military terminology.