Instructor Tier III - Military veterans preferred



  full-time   employee

Wallops Island
United States


JOB DESCRIPTION: Provides Senior level instruction for Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) training programs.  Includes instruction and technical training for operations and / or maintenance of Aegis Combat system, Ship Self Defense System (SSDS), SQQ-89, Tactical Data Links, and other systems that can be used in the ships Combat Information Center (CIC).  Develops, directs, plans and evaluates training programs or activities to meet external customer or internal employee learning objectives.  Assignments may include needs analysis, development of criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of course objectives, evaluation and learning assessments of instruction and curriculum, supporting development and evaluation of technical docs and pubs. Where instructing within a certified educational institution, responsible for determining the organization, communication and delivery of the course content and materials, and for developing learning activities and demonstrations.  Collaborates with customer or internal functional organization to develop, enhance, and/or evaluate new or existing learning objectives and course content.  Assists and supports creation of course content, training materials, visual aids and documentation to support a variety of instructional formats such as lecture, lab exercises, field training, computer-based training (CBT), and/or web-based training (WBT).  May develop exam materials and may be responsible for testing and qualitative evaluation of participant's attainment of learning objectives.  Monitors and evaluates training programs, assesses results, and implements enhancements as needed. May require support to administer training programs to meet student needs, which may require post-training follow up to determine applicability of course material or training approaches.  May support the evalution and/or oversight of contractors or vendors to develop and/or administer instructor-lead training teams and programs.


1. Seven (7) years experience with the required system or process as either a maintenance tech manager or operator manager with responsibility for teaching the applicable system or function task to others in a master level training environment.
2.  For Waterfront instructors, relevant experience in the fields of surface, subsurface, air, strike, C4I, or Ballistic Missile Defense is required.
3.  Of the seven years, one (1) year experience as an instructor in a Navy Training Environment, to include curriculum maintenance, writing learning objectives, preparing test items, evaluating instructional materials and the results of instruction and counseling students on academic learning problems is required.  including (1) year relevant experience interfacing with training systems/simulations for effective and correct presentation of learning objectives.
TYPICAL EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: 5+ Years with BS 3+ Years with MS 0 Years with PhD