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COMSEC Manager for India - Military veterans preferred

DAV-Force Inc. (
Defense Contracting

$95000 /yr

  full-time   contract

Rhode Island
United States

We are accepting qualified resumes for a COMSEC Manager for New Dehli India.

* This contract has been awarded with a potential start date of May 2021 and is for a period of 2 years at a time for a total of 6 years.
Applicants must be meet all requirements stated below in the job description:
* All housing, cell phone and vehicle rental provided
* Paid vacation
* Training in Hawaii

Receipt, temporary storage, and transfer services for U.S. DoD-provided special access
control devices, COMSEC equipment, documents, keying, and other material.
2)Train IAF personnel in the proper custodianship, safeguarding, and operation of DoD-
provided special devices, COMSEC equipment, and material, including keying
3)Conduct periodic distribution, inventories, and inspections of DoD-provided special
devices, COMSEC equipment, documents, and material, including keying material.
4)Coordinate return, repair, and reshipment (RRR) of IAF COMSEC devices.
5)Conduct secure facility inspection where there is an operational need to install and
operate COMSEC equipment.

COMSEC Custodian
The Contractor shall perform the following COMSEC Custodian Support Services duties in support of
PMW 740. COMSEC Custodians shall be knowledgeable and strictly adhere to U.S. DoD policies, National
Advisory Group (NAG) 14C and 18A Doctrines, National Security Telecommunications and Information
Systems Security Instruction (NSTISSI) 4000 Series, National Security Agency (NSA) COMSEC policies,
and Combatant Command (COCOM) Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) to include, but not limited to,
requirements described below.
A. When a shipment of U.S. special access control devices and/or COMSEC equipment arrives in
India, COMSEC Custodians shall perform the necessary administrative processes, which include receipt and
updating of the inventory database owned by the NSA. COMSEC Custodians shall order, receive,
safeguard, and distribute special devices, COMSEC equipment, and material to India as required. COMSEC
Custodians shall address obsolescence and facilitate any repair/disposal of special devices, COMSEC
equipment, and material. The contractor Facility Security Officer (FSO) will provide the COMSEC
Custodians with courier authorization letter in accordance with the CNSSI. Couriers shall meet the
appropriate clearance and access required by the CNSSI and be authorized by the cognizant security
authority to transport controlled items.
B. COMSEC Custodians shall compile and submit monthly Technical Reports including Inventories,
Findings, and Recommendations (CDRL A005) to relevant U.S. agencies and MINDEF designated
representative/office. COMSEC Custodians shall update the India inventory status at COCOM meetings
(e.g., Command and Control Compatibility Board (CCCB)). COMSEC Custodians shall submit transfer,
destruction, and possession reports to the appropriate U.S. Government (USG) and/or U.S. DoD office when
C. COMSEC Custodians shall serve as the liaison between the IAF and controllingauthorities such as COCOM, U.S. Navy, NSA, U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation(ODC), and Purchaser's Defense agencies for U.S. special access control devices and/orCOMSEC equipment. COMSEC Custodians shall participate in interoperability boardmeetings and associated working groups, exercise planning, meetings, etc. whenrequired and provide briefings on the status of COMSEC equipment. COMSECCustodians shall coordinate with the ODC for appropriate FMS cases for repair orreplacement of faulty equipment. COMSEC Custodians shall provide special inventoryand/or COMSEC Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for various technical investigationsnecessary to resolve in-the-field problems at central as well as remote sites.
D. COMSEC Custodians shall attend relevant U.S. training or conferences toensure that they are knowledgeable and updated on controlled cryptographic items,special access control devices, COMSEC equipment, and policies. Contractorattendance requirements will be determined in advance by the COR. COMSECCustodians shall provide training and technical support to the India MINDEF militaryservices COMSEC Responsible Officer (CRO) in the proper custodianship,safeguarding, and operation of DoD-provided special inventory, COMSEC equipment,keying, and other material. This includes installation of equipment, loading and zeroingequipment, troubleshooting (when necessary), and emergency destruction procedures tosatisfy requirements for secure interoperability whenever there are new personnel,equipment, policy, or procedures on-board that requires it.
E .COMSEC Custodians shall participate in relevant stakeholder meetings toinclude briefings regarding special access control devices and/or COMSEC equipment.COMSEC Custodians shall keep informed via relevant stakeholder meetings andnotifications from USG agencies of any new requirements or modifications to existingrequirements to be serviced by the special inventory control and/or COMSEC account.COMSEC Custodians shall provide a Trip Report (CDRL A003) for COMSEC-relatedtravel conducted inside or outside India except for Training/Conferences.
F. COMSEC Custodians shall develop and maintain a Standard OperatingProcedures (SOP)/Distribution Plan (CDRL A004) to ensure strict control of each itemof keying material whenever operational requirements necessitate that material be turnedover from one shift to another or from one individual to another. The Distribution Planshall also address frequency and coordination of training.
G. COMSEC Custodians shall procure and provide equipment necessary to performand maintain special inventory and/or COMSEC-related tasks (e.g., desks, chairs,computers, printer/copiers, shredders, trash cans, office supplies, air conditioners,internet services, phone service, and cell phones). The Contractor shall procure allequipment, including locks, doors, and safes to comply with the requirements outlined inthe Committee on National Security Systems Instructions (CNSSI). All procurementsshall be approved by the COR prior to the Contractor purchasing equipment.
H. COMSEC Custodians shall perform the following security/InformationAssurance (IA) procedures:
Report any security violations to the USG Security Manager regardless of severity.
Report any incident that affects their ability to maintain a SECRET securityclearance.
Complete and maintain annual DoD IA training.

COMSEC Custodians shall coordinate facility inspection and securitymanagement with the COCOM and COR. In the absence of the INDOPACOMCOMSEC representative, the COMSEC Custodian shall conduct an inspection of thefacility in accordance with NAG-14C - Allied Communications Security (COMSEC)Material Accounting Manual and utilize the Controlled Access Area (CAA) Checklist(PWS Appendix 1). The COR will provide guidance on the frequency and locations ofthe facility inspections. The Contractor shall submit the CAA Checklist with CDRLA005 only when conducting these inspections.J.COMSEC Custodians shall provide twenty-four/seven (24/7) availability of one(1)COMSEC Account Manager (CAM) to provide short notice services to IndiaMINDEF military services.K.COMSEC Custodians shall perform and/or coordinate COMSEC equipmentupgrades as authorized by NSA and return, repair, and maintain COMSEC equipment inaccordance with NSA procedures.L.COMSEC Custodians shall develop, deliver, and maintain an ObsolescenceManagement (OM) Plan (CDRL A006). Contents of the OM Plan will include detailsand quantities of equipment procured and delivered, anticipated lifecycle end dates,maintenance requirements, identified replacement devices, and compatibility issues.M.Prior to commencement of COMSEC Custodian responsibilities, each newCOMSEC Custodian will be required to attend training at USINDOPACOM in Oahu,Hawaii, to meet with the USINDOPACOM COMSEC staff and receive operationaltraining with the Solitaire device for the Coalition Electronic Key System (CEKMS).This training will be administered by USINDOPACOM staff and last approximatelythree (3) days.

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.


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