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Building Superintendent - Military veterans preferred

Dominican House of Studies (

To be determined /yr

  full-time   employee   contract

District Of Columbia
District of Columbia
United States

Building Superintendent
A Building Superintendent for the Dominican House of Studies is responsible to
supervise and maintain the buildings, grounds and equipment of the Priory and
Pontifical Faculty (PFIC). This work is accomplished in coordination with friars, staff
and vendors. It includes assessment of the physical plant and formulating plans for
future improvement.
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º supervise and maintain buildings, equipment and grounds across the whole
campus (Priory and PFIC)
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º help develop and fulfill a maintenance schedule
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º manage warranties, calls for service
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º coordinate with vendors to fulfill service contracts, and with contractors to
complete projects; ensure the work is done well; follow up if necessary
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º fill in for areas that fall outside of service contracts or expected costs
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º perform basic repairs, but work with vendors and contractors for more
extensive issues
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º assess property conditions (building, equipment, grounds)
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º evaluate cost effectiveness of current solutions, procedures
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º make recommendations for future care and improvements
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º put together project descriptions, get bids on projects
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º help evaluate proposed building/project/capital project plans
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º work with the procurator and treasurer to handle requests from friars and staff
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º keep the procurator and treasurer up-to-date on the state of things
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º help the procurator and treasurer prepare the annual budget wrt maintenance
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º ensure compliance with DC regulations, building codes, health and safety
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º maintain cleaning equipment, supplies, tools; help friars with tools, projects
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º keep maintenance records
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º while the majority of work is during regular hours, be on call for emergencies
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º bachelors degree in mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering, or minimum
of three years of experience in a supervisory capacity as a facilities engineer or
similar role
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º certification in HVAC, UST maintenance and operation (Class A, B, C)
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º thorough knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems ��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���»
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��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º able to notice problems with the building or its systems and address them promptly
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º able to set up schedules to make sure maintenance is completed in a regular
manner, keep records of work accomplished
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º follows workplace health and safety standards
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º knowledge of relevant regulations and building codes
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º good verbal and written communication, observation and attention to detail
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º can work with technology for communication, reporting and documenting
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º able to work with friars, lay staff, vendors, contractors
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º fluent in English; knowledge of Spanish is very helpful
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º has a valid driver's license
��?��?��?���¢��?��?��?��?��?��?��?���º respects the religious nature and mission of the house and school; can adjust
appointments and working times accordingly
Dominican House of Studies
487 Michigan Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20017-1518

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
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