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CV Operator - Military veterans preferred

Marmon Utility (

19.41-23.94 /hr

  full-time   employee

New Hampshire
United States

Crew 2 position-Monday-Thursday 7pm-7am

Job Description

Position: CV Operator

Operates steam or dry continuous vulcanization (CV) extruder line (CV3: including the Aluminum draw Block Machine and Ultrasonic Washer) and consistently meets or exceeds internal and/or customer specifications in a safe manner with minimum scrap.

Complies with company safety rules at all times during working hours and ensure the safety of himself/herself and others at his/her operating station.
Responsible in keeping equipment and workstation in a clean and orderly fashion.
Works in a professional manner, punctual and highly dependable.
Mechanically sets up the entire line by selecting and installing appropriate extruder tooling and associated line components needed to manufacture the varying cable designs described by the Engineering Specification.
CV3: Mechanically sets up AL Draw Block and Ultrasonic Washer, pay-off through take-up operation, including installation of appropriate tooling (dies) and all auxiliary line equipment needed to produce specified gauge sizes of solid aluminum conductors.
Consistently monitors the supply of raw material to ensure a continuous operation.
Performs required measurements with company approved measuring devices to ensure that all aspects of the extrusion process meets or exceeds the required specifications. Generates product identification tags for extruded cable products and maintains accurate record keeping and data collection of all pertinent information required by Hendrix, including line quality records.
Completes both the CV Operator and CV Take-Up Operator Training and Evaluation Checklists and performs all related tasks.
Take up operations primary responsibilities:
Take Up Operators
CV3 Both CV2 & CV4
Takes corrective action to ensure quality product.
Participates in scheduled CV team meetings and contribute to continuous improvement projects.
Participates in maintaining ISO certification.
Adheres to applicable System Level Procedures (SLPs).
CV-2 Take-Up operator is responsible to be a primary Emergency Action Warden for sector 10. CV-3 Take-Up operator is responsible to assume duties of the primary Emergency Action Warden if he/she is unavailable or is not able to fulfill the function.
Must understand operation of entire line including:
Conceptual understanding of extrusion process.
Crosslinking polyethylene interactions during extrusion process.
Assembly, disassembly and cleaning of extruder heads.
Selection and installation of extruder screws.
Tooling selection.
Compound conveyor system.
Compound dryers.
Power switches.
Temperature, air, water controls, and other associated line instrumentation.
Operation of payoff and take-up equipment.
Internal/industry codes and abbreviations used to identify compounds and conductors.
ISO requirements pertaining to CV lines.
Principles of conductor welding (dies, etc.)
Product quality, effect of:
Material Contamination
Strand Shield Protrusions
Uncured Material
Conductor Shrinkback
CV3: Operation and cleaning of Washer.

Position requires individuals with proven mechanical aptitude. Must have ability to:
Read micrometers and other related precision tools.
Weld conductor.
Perform shop arithmetic.
Read and follow written instructions.
Communicate effectively to receive and pass on information and instruction.
Troubleshoot basic line problems.
Continuously pay attention to details.
Read and interpret gauges.
Fulfill simple computer tasks.
Work within a Team structure.

Previous extrusion line experience gained internally/externally.
Position requires individuals to have the ability to:
Lift 25 - 50 pounds from floor to chest.
Maneuver up to a 90" reel with a Johnson Bar.
Climb several flights of stairs to the CV workstation.
Exert 25 pounds of force with cable cutters.
Visually inspect quality of product.
Use hand held tools and measuring devices.

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.


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