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Telemarketing/Marketing Assistant (Part of Fulltime) - Military veterans preferred

H L Law Group (
Law Enforcement/Legal/Security



Fort Lauderdale
United States

MARCH 2022
HL Law Group, a merit-driven, client-centric, insurance litigation firm, seeks a Telemarketing & Networking Specialist ("TNS") to partner with the firm's Managing Partner, Director and the Client Relations Manager to place outward bound calls, and conduct specific public relations, marketing, and sales activities.
The TNS will support the Firm's growth and brand in a highly competitive marketplace. By reaching out to potential clients on a regular basis � before they have contacted the Firm -- the TNS will ensure that the Firm cultivates healthy working relationships with all of its potential clients and prospective vendors. The TNS will also assist with the Firm's marketing and sales outreach and will generally support and enhance the efforts of the CRM to expand the Firm's business networks and to ultimately generate many more channels of new business.
Scope of the Position
This Firm seeks a motivated, top-notch representative to assist the business development team to expand the Firm's presence in the local market. The TNS will report directly to the Client Relations manager and will have close working relationships with the Managing Partner, Director, and Client Relations Specialists. The TNS will serve as an integral part of the Firm's Business development team.
Our ideal candidate will be a results-oriented and charismatic individual. Prior sales and/or customer service experience is preferred, but not required. We look forward to cross-training our ideal candidate in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Management. From there, your success will be driven by your personal motivation, persistence, and ability to connect with prospective customers.

This Firm needs an enthusiastic individual who can get the attention of public adjuster and other professional integral to our business. This will involve presenting the Firm in a manner that quickly builds trust and interest. The successful candidate for this role will quickly develop a strong command of the company's policies, operating procedures and personnel. This will be critical for offering quick, accurate and compelling presentations.
The TNS will maintain high levels of professionalism, especially in telephone and email communications, and will be meticulous about updating the Firm's records regarding each and every interaction.
This role will involve extensive telephone interactions, problem-solving, documentation, tracking, technology mastery and the ability to communicate effectively with clients, vendors, attorneys and staff. The TNS will impact business development by inviting existing and potential clients to do business with HLLG. The TNS will also play a role in onboarding new talent, by explaining his/her activities to incoming hires and by willingly participating in their growth and development on the team.
Key Responsibilities
The TNS will:
� Represent HL Law Group in communications with clients, vendors and the public
� Help educate, build rapport, and close sales; persuade new clients to sign on, based on how Firm services will meet their needs
� Cold call potential clients, using a pre-researched list, to introduce them to the Firm
� Provide the Management Team with detailed reports on the nature and frequency of telephone calls initiated
� Use scripts to provide information about the Firm and present its services
� Explain the Firm's values and process in terms that leave the clients feeling well-served and confident in the Firm's ability to manage first party property cases with excellence
� Stay updated on any changes in company policies or process that will affect prospective clients
� Ask pertinent questions to understand the client's requirements
� Procure face-to-face meetings with numerous organizations
� Create connections between the Firm and insurance-focused organizations in the region
� Answer incoming calls from prospective customers
� Deal with complaints or doubts to safeguard the company's reputation
� Go the "extra mile" to meet sales quota and facilitate future sales
� Keep records of calls and sales and record useful information
� Respond to all inquiries with 24 hours, to observe the Firm's "Immediate Response Rule"
� Work with the attorneys and case managers to respond to clients within a 24-Hour window
� Advise the Management Team immediately of any situations or circumstances that require immediate attention.
� Draft status emails that reassure clients, customers and vendors of the Firm's goodwill and professionalism; use problem-solving to build brand loyalty
� Update the management team on a weekly basis on any recurring themes or issues raised in the telephone outreach
� Impact the Firm's bottom line by creating new channels of business
� Assist the Firm's recruiting, training and onboarding efforts by sharing information and strategies with new hires

Skills & Qualifications
� Must be 18 years of age or older
� Bachelor's or Associate degree in a business related field preferred
� Enthusiasm about HLLG and the ability to communicate this to the public at large
� Polished telephone demeanor; professionalism and courtesy
� Proven experience as telemarketer or similar sales/customer service role
� Proven track record of successfully meeting sales quotas preferably over the phone
� Working knowledge of relevant computer programs (e.g. CRM software) and telephone systems
� Excellent communication and presentation skills
� Proficient in English
� Skilled in negotiation and dealing with complaints
� Persistent and results-oriented
� Patient and able to handle customer rejection; uses it as a learning tool
� Good judgment, strong people skills and patience
� Entrepreneurial spirit; relentless drive for success
� Persistence, focus and creativity
� Excellent verbal and written communication skills; strong writer and editor
� Appropriate sense of humor
� Good judgment, strong people skills and patience
� Respect for deadlines and impulse to take ownership of all projects
� Can-Do attitude to problem-solving
� Appetite for change and to try on new processes, goals and methods
� Willingness and ability to mentor and train others
� Microsoft suite of services: Word, PowerPoint, Excel

HLLG offers competitive salaries, tailored to each candidate's prior earning history, credentials and HLLG role. The Firm relies on industry research and salary surveys relevant to the legal industry and has developed consistent guidelines, while retaining flexibility to address individual needs.

HLLG fulltime employees are eligible for dental, vision and general health insurance from national providers, once they have successfully completed the 90-Day Orientation Period. The Firm covers a portion of the costs associated with this coverage. The Firm has initiated the process to have a 401(k) program in place in 2022 and is exploring firm-wide program that will address child, elder and mental care needs specifically. The Firm reserves the right to modify or withdraw benefits, consistent with business needs.

HLLG's Culture
HLLG has developed a culture defined by high productivity standards. This Firm invites energetic, can-do professionals to join its teams. Our focus on professional excellence, health, balance and kindness reflect core values. We promote actively professional development and provide customized training, so our legal assistants have the tools they need to meet the tasks at hand. We support team members who communicate effectively, encourage others and seek to continuously improve. We seek those who will help us to build a respectful, welcoming work environment that celebrates excellent output.

We encourage positive communications, in particular our interactions with clients and work colleagues. We respond immediately to emails and telephone calls to cultivate strong, respectful relationships. Except for medical leave and court appointments, our team works on site at our state-of-the-art offices located in Oakland Park, Florida.

COVID Policies
To keep all employees safe, the Firm strongly encourages all employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible except where a valid medical or religious principle prohibits such vaccination. The Firm may require new hires to tender proof of vaccination or, in the alternative to certify the basis for non-vaccination � without reference to medical history or other protected health data. The uncertified unvaccinated will be required to produce negative COVID test results each week to continue working at the Firm.

While on the premises, we ask that all HLLG staff members wear masks, wash hands frequently, observe social distancing and use the kitchen and rest facilities to preserve safety. We recommend that anyone who experiences 'flu-like symptoms, respiratory distress or digestive malfunctions of any kind, will remain home until a negative COVID test result has been procured. HLLG requires those who test positively for COVID to remain home until they receive a clean bill of health. Before returning to the offices, we will require a writing from a medical practitioner indicating that COVID is not in evidence. The Firm prides itself on keeping up with the latest CDC information and modifying its processes accordingly.

Application Process
Kindly send your resume to

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.


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