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Accounting Coordinator - Military veterans preferred

H L Law Group (



Fort Lauderdale
United States


HL Law Group, P. A. (hereinafter, "HLLG") a merit-driven, client-centric, insurance litigation firm, seeks an Accounting Coordinator ("AC") to work with the Finance Manager, Managing Director and senior leaders to update, and maintain consistency in all of the Firm's accounts payable and accounts receivable processes and procedures. The AC will ensure the integrity of the Firm's Trust and Operating accounts, work day in and day out with QuickBooks (the Firms accounting software), prepare client closing statements and take on other assignments as required by the Finance Manager, Office Manager or Managing Director. The Firm constantly finds ways to upgrade its internal accounting procedures to create consistency in dealing with clients' settlement process and to increase, even further, the level of accuracy and precision of all of its finance and accounting activities.

Scope of the Position
At the Finance Manager's direction, The AC will make the Firm's accounting processes and practice his/her first priority. The successful candidate for this role will be careful and resourceful. He or She will report directly to the Finance Manager and will have close working relationships with the Firm's Founding Partner and Managing Director.

The AC will have a general mandate to help out wherever and whenever accounting support is needed. He or she will pay particular attention to the integrity of the financial records entered in QuickBooks. This should include notations related to the specific client involved and the precise dollar amounts involved for each and every transaction. All bills to be paid and credit card charges must be noted in QuickBooks. The AC will focus on the accuracy of this entries and will review everything one final time, just before the closing statements have been finalized for transmission to the client. The AC will also ensure that the client costs entered into QuickBooks record every detail of what should be recovered.

The AC will maintain high levels of professionalism, especially in telephone and email communications, and will be meticulous about updating the Firm's records regarding each and every interaction. The AC will also observe the Firm's Immediate Response Rule and will operate in a way that responds to any client inquiries within a 24-Hour window.

Among other processes, the AC will help to regulate the settlement process by, among other things, working to complete the closing statement checklists for attorney review. This will ensure that all advanced client costs have been accounted for and approved by the relevant attorney. This process will also identify he bills that have not yet been received by the closing date and will keep them on the radar.
The AC will also play a hand in onboarding new talent in the Finance/Accounting group and will explain his/her activities to incoming hires. The Ac will also willingly participate in their growth and development on the team.

Key Responsibilities
The AC will:

1. Ensure that Finance/Accounting Department goals are met and adhere to approved budgets.
2. Maintain all Quick Book entries error free and with full notation of clients, their names and the dollar amounts of the transactions involved.
3. Audit QuickBooks periodically to ensure that the records remain impeccable.
4. Research, document and correct/reconcile any irregularities, notifying the Manager/Finance of any inaccuracies or updates.
5. Process all invoices received via regular mail.
6. Process all invoices received via email in the designated Firm inbox.
7. Download all bills from the vendors that bill HL Law Group through their website and are paid by credit card (examples are DDA and US Legal).
8. Enter all bills into QuickBooks first with the corresponding client matter and attorney.
9. Make sure all invoices whether received via mail, email, or downloaded must be scanned and saved in corresponding Firm folder.
10. Facilitate bill payment process; attorneys must approve, amend, or have the invoice voided by Tuesday night.
11. Capture changes made by the attorney to the invoices to be paid and correct the bills in QuickBooks.
12. Submit all Invoices approved to be paid Finance Manager for final approval with a copy of the detailed Accounts Payable Report.
13. With approval from the Founding Partner, Firm Director and/or Finance Manager,
a. Prepare the checks and attach copies of the bills to them for signature; and
b. Make all credit card payments and post them in QuickBooks.
14. Participate in creating and completing a closing checklist for attorneys that will include important details, such as:
a. Filing Fees
b. Engineer/Report
c. Expert Fees
d. Arbitration/Mediation/Umpire
e. Court Reporting
f. Service Processor
g. Inspection
h. Appraiser
i. Mortgage Company Name (Attorney can ask the client who the client's current mortgage is with when the attorney calls the client to inform them of the settlement)
j. Whether or not the contractor needs to be included on check
15. Manage any special projects that may arise out of his/her general responsibilities or as directed by the Firm.

Skills & Qualifications
â?¢ Must be 18 years of age or older
â?¢ Bachelor's or Associate degree in Accounting or a business related field preferred
â?¢ Enthusiasm about HLLG and the ability to communicate this to the public at large
â?¢ Prior experience working in a law office or legal setting (experience in the property damage insurance field preferred)
â?¢ Prior experience working directly with attorneys would be particularly helpful
â?¢ Accounts payable experience
â?¢ Eye for details
â?¢ Accuracy and exceptional computation skill
â?¢ Customer-centric approach to dealing with clients
â?¢ Strong organization and time management skills; ability to multi-task, organize and coordinate multiple assignments and bring them to completion in a timely ways
â?¢ Respect for deadlines and impulse to take ownership of all projects
â?¢ Persistence; ability to take on and complete challenging assignments
â?¢ "Can-Do" attitude toward problem-solving
â?¢ Appropriate sense of humor
â?¢ Excellent verbal and written communication, including exceptional proof-reading and editing skills
â?¢ Polished telephone demeanor; professionalism and courtesy
â?¢ Good judgment, strong people skills and patience
â?¢ Willingness and ability to mentor and train others and to integrate them on the team
â?¢ Proficiency in using computers, the internet, Time Matters software, or any such other legal-based case management system
â?¢ Microsoft suite of services: Word, Outlook PowerPoint, Excel

HLLG offers competitive salaries, tailored to each candidate's prior earning history, credentials and HLLG role. The Firm relies on industry research and salary surveys relevant to the legal industry and has developed consistent guidelines, while retaining flexibility to address individual needs.

HLLG fulltime employees are eligible for dental, vision and general health insurance from national providers, one they have successfully completed the initial 90-Day Orientation Period. The Firm covers certain costs associated with this coverage. The Firm has initiated the process to have a 401(k) program in place in 2022 and is exploring firm-wide programs that will address child, elder and mental care needs specifically. The Firm reserves the right to withdraw, alter or amend its benefits program in accordance with business needs.

HLLG's Culture
HLLG has developed a culture defined by high productivity standards. This Firm invites energetic, can-do professionals to join its teams. Our focus on professional excellence, health, balance and kindness reflect core values. We promote actively professional development and provide customized training, so our legal assistants have the tools they need to meet the tasks at hand. We support team members who communicate effectively, encourage others and seek to continuously improve. We seek those who will help us to build a respectful, welcoming work environment that celebrates excellent output.

We encourage positive communications, in particular our interactions with clients and work colleagues. We respond immediately to emails and telephone calls to cultivate strong, respectful relationships. Except for medical leave and court appointments, our team works on site at our state-of-the-art offices located in Oakland Park, Florida.

COVID Policies
To keep all employees safe, the Firm strongly encourages all employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible except where a valid medical or religious principle prohibits such vaccination. The Firm may require new hires to tender proof of vaccination or, in the alternative to certify the basis for non-vaccination â?? without reference to medical history or other protected health data. The uncertified unvaccinated will be required to produce negative COVID test results each week to continue working at the Firm.

While on the premises, we ask that all HLLG staff members wear masks, wash hands frequently, observe social distancing and use the kitchen and rest facilities to preserve safety. We recommend that anyone who experiences 'flu-like symptoms, respiratory distress or digestive malfunctions of any kind, will remain home until a negative COVID test result has been procured. HLLG requires those who test positively for COVID to remain home until they receive a writing from a medical practitioner indicating that COVID is not in evidence. The Firm prides itself on remaining current with CDC recommendations and guidelines; it governs its policies accordingly.

Application Process
Kindly send your resume to

Fast Apply This is a Fast Apply job. Post your resume once to MilitaryHire, and apply with only two clicks.
Perfect if you are searching for a job using your phone.


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