Weapons Safety Specialist - SkillBridge Opportunity - Military veterans preferred

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Los Angeles
United States


SkillBridge Location: Los Angeles, CA

Estimated salary if you transition to W2 Employee after SkillBridge: $100,000

W2 Employee Location: Los Angeles, CA


Our client is a leading provider of test, evaluation, and engineering services to the aerospace sector in America.

They understand how much value a military-trained professional - someone who possesses grit, dedication, and leadership qualities - can bring to their company.

You'll be doing meaningful work in Weapons Safety at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Rocket Lab.

This is a position where you will truly make a positive difference.

This job is located at Edwards Air Force Base in Los Angeles, CA.
Extensive background in weapons safety.
Completed Weapons Safety Management Course or Lightning Protection course.
Working knowledge of Air Force Weapons Safety Regulations, DoD instructions, Air Force instructions, AFMAN 91-201, and DoDI6055.9.
Strong communication skills.

If both you and the hiring company determine that becoming a W2 Employee makes sense (everyone's goal!), you can expect at the completion of SkillBridge�?�¢�?�?�?�¦

Estimated $100,000/year.
401K plan.
Full medical plan.
We reward top performance with additional compensation and responsibility.

Our Recruiting Manager, Brady Myers -not an automated computer program- will personally read your application.
If there is mutual interest, we will reach out to tell you all about the hiring company and answer your questions so you can determine if this is a position you'd like to pursue.
To follow up on your status, please wait at least 48 business hours and then email, Brady@7eagle.com.
Even though we focus on Veterans, transitioning Service Members, and Military Spouses, this position is open to everyone.


This opportunity is exclusive to Active Duty Service Members.

Getting ready to retire or ETS and interested in a rewarding and lucrative career in the weaponry industry?

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You obtain valuable career experience and a huge competitive edge at landing the job of your dreams, and the company gets to evaluate you in action before deciding to offer you a permanent position as a W2 Employee.

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For more information on SkillBridge: www.7Eagle.com/skillbridge.