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How You Can Support Veteran-Friendly Businesses

What is one way to support veteran-friendly businesses?

To help you better support small businesses that advocate for veterans, we asked business leaders this question for their insights. From patronizing veteran-friendly business year round to hiring them for your next project, there are several ways you can help support veteran-friendly businesses.

Here are seven ways you can support veteran-friendly small businesses: 

  • Hire Them for Your Next Project 
  • Write a Positive Review
  • Talk About It on Social Media 
  • Buy Gift Cards 
  • Tell Your Friends and Family
  • Use a Veteran Business Directory 
  • Patronize All Year Long 

Hire Them for Your Next Project 

If you want to help keep a veteran-friendly business open, consider incorporating them in your own business by hiring them. For example, use your favorite vet-friendly restaurant to cater a lunch or hire a veteran-owned business for your company’s upcoming renovation. You will be giving them business and getting their name in front of more potential customers. 

Randall S Smalley II, Cruise America

Write a Positive Review

Think of how often you check reviews for everything from services to restaurants and you’ll see how important good reviews are to businesses and their potential customers. A quick way to support a veteran-friendly business is to write a review for them. Five-star reviews help them rank higher on the platform you are reviewing on and will undoubtedly help them get more business. 

Carey Wilbur, Charter Capital

Talk About It on Social Media 

When you find a veteran-friendly business you love, share it on social media. Your network is bound to click on the link and possibly share it with their own network. Spreading the word about a veteran-friendly business on social platforms is an easy and effective way to help expose them to a wide range of audiences and impact their bottom line so they can continue to serve their community.

Chris Abrams, Marcan Insurance

Buy Gift Cards 

An excellent way to support veteran-friendly businesses is to buy gift cards for your friends and family. It helps the business gain revenue while also bringing in new customers to check them out. Hopefully, this will grow their customer base and attract more customers as more people share about their positive experiences.

Benjamin Smith, DISCO

Tell Your Friends and Family 

If you feel compelled to support a veteran-friendly business, the best way to show your appreciation is to share your experience with your friends and family. Marketing expenses are costly but vital to keep a business running. Driving customers to a veteran-friendly business is a great way to support the business and ensure they are operating for years to come. 

Use a Veteran Business Directory 

There has been a lot of attention on small businesses as a result of the current crisis but not much attention towards veteran-owned businesses. One way to support them is to go online and check out your local veteran-owned businesses. They have a database of veteran-owned businesses by category and state. 

Tim O’Brien, The Healthy Place

Patronize All Year Long

The best way to support veteran-friendly businesses is to patronize these establishments yearlong. Searches for veteran-run businesses tend to spike around holidays such as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. However these businesses could use consumer and community support more consistently. Whenever making a purchase decision, check a veteran directory and consider partnering with a business owned by or employing former military members.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding