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Cybersecurity Trends with J. Shaffer of Binary Defense

Andrew Novak discusses current trends in cybersecurity with Jeff Shaffer of Binary Defense…

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andrew Novak with Military Hire, and this month we’re celebrating cyber security careers. We got together on Zoom recently with our local friends from Binary Defense regarding some topics we thought that you might find interesting.

Binary Defense is a managed security services provider and software developer with solutions including SOC as a service, managed detection and response, security information and event management, and counterintelligence.

Andrew: So Jeff, who are you and what do you do?

Jeff: I’m Jeff Shaffer and I am the Business Development Executive for Binary Defense.

Andrew: What are some of the latest trends you’re seeing in cybersecurity?

Jeff: I would say, just from a broad view of cybersecurity…and this isn’t really something that’s changed…something that is always changing is the attack landscape. So it’s almost like a cat and mouse game when you think about cybersecurity. You know they’re trying to stay ahead of those that are trying to defend, and we’re trying to stay ahead of those that are trying to attack. So it’s a constant game of trying to stay ahead of whatever that is out there.

The cybercriminal world is an industry in itself, and they have full companies and organizations that are out there doing this and to be able to stay ahead of that is important, and we need individuals that are intelligent, that are driven, that are really looking to make a difference—to be part of this community, and the military is a great place to gather some of those individuals!

When you look at Binary Defense, just our company in general, there are quite a bit of individuals that were in the military like  Jarrod and myself. They have that background, and it’s important because there is a definite mindset the military…you know, a career in the military or history in the military brings with it, and it’s very valuable to an organization.

I think that the thing we’re seeing the most is just those changes that are occurring and us staying ahead of those attacks because they are happening. I mean, you look at COVID-19 and what we’ve been going through—this was an opportunity for criminals!

They looked at it as an opportunity to try to take advantage of organizations because they were remote! So those were attacks, and we’ve seen in the news about Zoom and utilizing that as an approach for cybercriminals. So, there are all kinds of things out there that the cybercriminal community is constantly looking to take advantage of, and we’re obviously looking to defend.

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