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Is CyberSecurity a Stressful Career?

Handling crisis situations with a calm and measured approach and solving pop-up problems is no problem at all for military veterans. We checked in with Michael H. of BlueBridge Networks and Fortify Your Data and asked him: Is a cybersecurity career stressful? 

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Andrew Novak with Military Hire and this month we’re celebrating careers in cyber security. We got together on Zoom recently with Michael from BlueBridge Networks and Fortify Your Data regarding some topics that we thought might be of interest to you.

BlueBridge Networks is a facility-based managed IT service provider offering solutions in cyber security, infrastructure as a service, data center colocation, and cloud computing.

Andrew: So Michael, who are you and what do you do?

 My name’s Michael Hudak and I am a Project Manager for BlueBridge Networks; also I run Fortify Your Data, which is a cybersecurity publication. Mostly podcasts, and then some blogs and two books. On a daily basis I will see through projects either pre-sale or post-sale, cybersecurity implementations, but also data center configurations and implementations. In some situations that will be like an intrusion detection setup; in some situations it will be putting up firewalls, but then others, it will be literally setting out SANS or building out the base infrastructure that comprises the network.

Andrew: What’s it like to work in cybersecurity? Can it be stressful?

Michael: It can be (stressful) you know, I think that in my day-to-day life we support about 400 companies, and on any one day a year, somebody’s going to have the worst cybersecurity event that year, and so every day we’re dealing with at least two tragedies.

You have to constantly keep your expectation levels set at an even keel. A lot of people will be in a state of panic and you have to be able to be like, “look, this is everyday for me” so let’s try not to…it’s a significant event you know—you’re not downplaying it—it is a significant issue, and a lot of people don’t recognize that everyone has a major event just about every year, whether it’s going to hit data or not—there is at least somebody trying to breach you. And so when there’s panic and you’re dealing with three different companies with three very different issues panicking and you are quarterbacking them, it can be stressful. But I think that most people that have been in it for longer than a couple years know how to breathe in that stressful environment.

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