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Does the Title of Your Resume Matter?

joes resume.jpgYour resume is your two second opportunity to hook an employer. Please don’t blow it by naming your resume “Joe’s resume”! That title is GUARANTEED to not get you a first look, let alone a second.  What’s the most important information you want to convey to an employer? Definitely your experience and job title. How much information can you put into the title?   This is where people who have experience on Twitter have an advantage, they can get their point across in 144 characters or less.

An employer NEEDS to find your resume quickly.  The title of your resume should map to the type of job you are looking for.  What is your target job? Search for it, make sure employers are looking to hire people with that job title, if they’re not, adjust your title to fit the common search parameters.  You’re not going to get the job if an employer can’t find you.

Include how many years experience you have. Make it easy for employers to see that you are the most experienced person in their search and therefore the obvious choice to fill their needs.

Now that you’re thinking of resume titles let’s look at the difference between Outstanding resume titles and resumes titles that aren’t going to get opened.


             EH TITLE

Customer Service Accounts Representative – 8 yrs customer service environment – Received Commendation for best service 5x

Customer Service Manager

Fleet Manager Supervisor/Logistics Management experience 8 years

Janet 2015

Sr. Intelligence Analyst 4 years – TC/SCI current clearance Sr. Geospatial and HUMINT

Intelligence Analyst

Commanded 43 divisions and 1.3 million men

Bradley Resume

Let’s leave the gimmicks to someone else. No “I’m your best candidate ” or “Hire me”. Also skip the “Out of work, need job!” titles.  They don’t give you an edge up, they hurt your job chances by not getting your resume looked at.

In conclusion, your resume title is the FIRST thing an employer sees, make it OUTSTANDING. You know you’re the right person for the job, ensure they can see it too, and soon you’ll have that new hire paperwork in hand.