Perspectives on Pain

A panel discussion from the veteran’s point of view with Scott Leeper of Alpha Lima Charlie, and panelists:
Sherman Gillums Jr., USMC Veteran
Cherissa Jackson, USAF Veteran and RN
Jeremy Williams, USMC Veteran
Jim Heaney, Jr., Vice President, H-Wave
Jim Heaney, Sr., Army Veteran and H-Wave Founder

Drawing of person clutching head in pain

Do you have a post-military pain story? Many veterans do, and managing physical, emotional, or spiritual pain can be the gorilla in the room overshadowing your day-to-day civilian life.


The panelists in this episode of the AlphaLimaCharlie podcast each have their own pain stories, and have worked to help alleviate pain in others.


Pain is personal, subjective, and can dominate your life. Getting a handle on managing your pain and finding long-term approaches to work through it and come out effective and focused on the other side is an admirable goal. If you’re suffering pain on any level (physical, psychological, etc.) you know it can take away from your interest and energy levels in connecting with others, seeking employment, keeping a job if you are working, and living your life the way you want to. Listen to what Jeremy Williams has to say about how pain affected and impacted his life at [8:57]: