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CyberSecurity Jobs & the Need for Veterans

We’re highlighting Cyber Security careers during the month of May, and Andrew Novak of Military Hire interviewed Jarrod Suffecool of Binary Defense to learn more about why Jarrod got into a career in Cybersecurity: 

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andrew Novak with Military Hire, and this month we’re celebrating cyber security careers. We got together on Zoom recently with our local friends from Binary Defense regarding some topics we thought that you might find interesting.

Binary Defense is a managed security services provider and software developer with solutions including SOC as a service, managed detection and response, security information and event management, and counterintelligence.

So Jarrod, who are you and what do you do?

Jarrod: I’m Jarrod Suffecool and I am the intelligence operations lead for Binary Defense.

So for me, I definitely had a bit of a rough transition from military life to civilian life, and I know I’m definitely not alone in that boat. I know a lot of guys that kind of struggled with that change to being a civilian, and I think one of the biggest issues was just kind of that lack of purpose.

You can really see just how wide the effects of work in cybersecurity end up being, because you know the work you do to protect one specific business or one specific customer has a lot broader impacts, because as you start recognizing those different threats, those different attack types, different attackers; those sorts of things, it doesn’t just end up protecting one organization. It can end up protecting an entire industry, an entire country, an entire state! I think that kind of gave a really good sense of purpose that I was missing after I left the military.

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Learn more about Binary Defense.


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