Bulk Job Posting

MilitaryHire offers a Bulk Job Posting feature for the five star subscription level. Bulk Job Posting involves the automatic exchange of data from your system to ours on a daily basis. While there is a small amount of technical work required to set up Bulk Job Posting, it can be a much more efficient way to manage your job postings in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bulk Job Posting

  • Q: How do I start bulk posting of jobs?
    A: The following list of steps provides a brief overview of the process.
    1. Sign up for 5-star service
    2. Notify MilitaryHire that you want to enable bulk posting by contacting mweiss@militaryhire.com
    3. Coordinate the data exchange format with MilitaryHire's technical staff (note: We prefer to use our standard XML format, but may be able to accommodate a format you are already using)
    4. Exchange sample data in the agreed upon format for testing
    5. Identify which recruiter account the jobs will be posted to (for companies with multiple recruiter accounts)
    6. Coordinate with MilitaryHire to have the firewall configured to allow your server to connect to MilitaryHire's upload server
    7. Configure your server to send the jobs to MilitaryHire's Server
    8. Monitor the postings to confirm they are being uploaded correctly
  • Q: Does Bulk Posting require certain technical skills?
    A: Yes. Your company is responsible for retrieving your job postings from your database, formatting them, and making them available on an HTTP or FTP server or transferring them over the Internet to MilitaryHire. This may involve a variety of technical skills such as SQL, XML, FTP, HTTP and any one of several scripting languages.
  • Q: Does MilitaryHire "scrape" or "wrap" the jobs posted to our company's web site?
    A: Yes. MilitaryHire offers a "Job Harvester" that will scrape jobs from your web site. Not all web sites are a good candidate for integration with the Job Harvester. MilitaryHire can evaluate your website and provide an initial assessment of whether such an integration would be supported. In rare cases, issues leading to incompatibility are not discovered until later in an integration project. Harvester integration may require fees for initial integration and may require fees for re-integration should your company's job posting website change.
  • Q: Does MilitaryHire work with any third party companies who can help us with this process?
    A: Yes. Several MilitaryHire customers work through third party companies including Success Factors, eQuest, ResumeWare, and Smash Fly to participate in Bulk Posting. If you are already working with a third party, we are happy to work with them.