Veteran Friendly "5 Star" Exclusive Enhancement!!!

Exclusive page developed for our "5 Star" customers that will showcase your jobs like never before!!!

The new Veteran Friendly page is the latest exclusive enhancement to our "5 Star" customers and features include:

Exclusive new page featuring "5 Star" customers and their job postings!

Ability to post both a company logo and brief company biography!

Direct link to all customer job postings!

Proprietary technology to automatically download jobs from your company website. (Job Harvesting/Scraping)

Improved/Expanded management tools!

Exclusive exposure of your company job postings!

Exclusive advertising campaigns featuring your company!

Highest priority candidate job search results!

Exclusive page highlighting your company's commitment to the veteran community!

To find out how to be included in this new program contact us at 800-585-3690 or +1-330-294-4910 (ext 307) or