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Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below. If you do not find the answer to your question, send an email to and we'll be sure to answer your question promptly.

  • Site Map
  • Logging In
    • Login procedures
      • New Users log in by creating an account. Click on the green “Employers” tab on the upper right side of the MilitaryHire Home Page. Click the “Log In” button at the top of the page in the blue navigation bar. Within the Sign Up text box, click the “sign up” button. Fill in your choice of a User Name and Password and other pertinent information. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page to complete your registration. Your new account has been created. Review our Premium Service Packages and select the one that best fits your needs.
      • Returning Users who have already created an account, just click the on the green “Employers’ tab on the upper right side of the MilitaryHire Home Page. Click the “Log In” button at the top of the page in the blue navigation bar. Type in your User Name and Password into the Log In text box and click the “Login” button.
    • Problems logging in
      Common problems that occur when logging in include
      • New Users not creating an account. See “Login Procedures” above.
      • Returning Users trying to create a new account when they already have an existing account.
      • New Users selecting a User Name that's already taken (solution: try a different User Name)
      • New Users entering different passwords in the "Password" and "Confirm password" boxes (solution: Ensure you type the same thing in both boxes)
      • Returning Users misspelling their username or password (solution: Carefully re-enter your information, or request that your information be emailed to you)
      • Repeatedly getting sent to the login page. Solution: Our login system uses persistent cookies to ensure the security of your account. Browsers that do not allow cookies or allow only session cookies can not log in. Consult your browser's help to learn how to enable cookies.
    • Login error messages
      Returning Users:
      • "The following field(s) are blank:" This message indicates you left a required field blank. Re-enter your data ensuring you fill in the required fields.
      • "The username you entered was not found." This message indicates that the username entered in the Returning Users section was not found in the database. If you are a returning user, carefully re-enter your name and try again. If you are a new user, use the new user section. You may also request their login information be emailed to you.
      • "The password you entered was incorrect." This message indicates that your username was found in the database but the password you entered was incorrect. Carefully re-enter your information and try again. You may also request your information be emailed to you.
      New Users
      • "The following field(s) are blank:" This message indicates you left a required field blank. Re-enter your data ensuring you fill in the required fields.
      • "'Password' and 'Confirm Password' do not match." This message indicates then data you entered in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields did not match. Carefully re-enter the information, ensuring that you enter that same password in both boxes.
      • "The username you entered has already been taken." This message indicates another user has already selected the username you requested. Try another username, perhaps add a number to the end of the username you tried first.
    • Lost username or password
      To solve this problem, simply enter your email address at the bottom of the Employer login page. A note with your information will be emailed to you. If your email address is not found, a note stating this will be sent to you. If you do not receive the email within 15 minutes, enter the request again. Users frequently misspell their email addresses and thus do not receive a message.
  • Posting a job
    • Why do I need an account to post a job?
      An account is required to post a job for security reasons. By using your personal username and password, you ensure that only you may modify your job and view your job statistics at "My Jobs".
      If your question is answered, you may return to the job posting page.
    • Formatting a job
      To format your job, I suggest you open your job in a word processor such as MS Word, notepad, or WordPerfect. Delete all tab key entries. Use the enter key to place line breaks where you want them (before and after paragraphs and headings). Then use the Tab key to indent text where necessary or to separate text where necessary. Allow text within paragraphs to wrap naturally without tabs or enter keys. Then copy and paste the entire job into the editing window on after you submit the job, the formatting should look similar to what you want.
    • Can I format the job in HTML or Word?
      We allow limited use of HTML in formatting job postings. Certain tags such as <object> and <meta> are filtered out to avoid security risks.
      We do not allow jobs to be uploaded as Word or Word Perfect files due to risks of macro viruses associated with these types of files.
    • How do I copy my job to MilitaryHire?
      1. Open your job in your text editor (notepad) or word processor (word).
      2. Open your web browser and go to the "Post a job" page.
      3. In your text editor, select Edit then Select All or, if you don't have that menu command, use your mouse to highlight the entire job.
      4. Select Edit then Copy
      5. Go to your web browser, click in the box where your job should go.
      6. Select Edit then Paste (AOL users may need to press Ctrl-V).
    • My job has funny characters in it (example &786DC)
      To ensure compatibility across all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) our site only uses the standard ascii character set. May Windows programs such as Word use an extended "windows only" character set. These special characters do not convert to our site correctly. To correct this problem, look at your job after posting it to our site. If you see funny characters (usually something like &5643YG), identify the areas of your job affected. Click the "Edit Your job" link Look for characters that are not numbers or letters. Frequent problems include single and double quote (' and ") and bullet characters. In the job text editing box, backspace out the offending character and then type it back in (replace bullets with a * or -). Then resubmit your job and check whether the problem was solved. Repeat this process until you have removed "windows specific" characters.
      Alternately, you can save your job as "MS DOS text only" or "ASCII text only" in your word processor before you cut and paste it to our site. This generally removes all special characters.
    • My job has extra line breaks in it
      Some word processing programs insert "hard" line breaks at the end of each line in your job rather than letting the text wrap naturally at the end of the line. The MilitaryHire web site never inserts "hard" line breaks. But when a "hard" line break is found, we assume it is intentional and leave it alone. On a wider screen, this problem will not be apparent. It takes a narrower screen to identify the problem.
      This problem can occur if you save a Word document as "Text Only with line breaks" or "MS DOS Text with line breaks." These two choices cause Word to insert a carriage return at the end of every line. I recommend instead saving the document as "MS DOS text" and then cutting and pasting it into the site. Then the text will wrap naturally at the end of a line, with "hard" breaks coming only at the end of paragraphs. An alternate solution is to use the backspace key to remove line breaks after pasting your job to MilitaryHire. This option may require several iterations of editing and viewing to remove all unwanted line breaks.
    • How can I tell how many times my job has been viewed?
      After logging in, follow the Jobs link from Command Post area of the home page. The page you see will list all your job postings and the number of times candidates have viewed and applied for each job.
    • How can I view the resumes of candidates who have applied for my job?
      After logging in, follow the Jobs link from Command Post area of the home page. The page you see will list all your job postings and the number of times candidates have viewed and applied for each job. Click on the number representing the applications and you will be taken to a list of all the candidates with links to their resumes. Four and Five Star customers can also view all the resumes of candidates who have viewed their job postings.
    • How can I reactivate an inactive job?
      After logging in, follow the My Jobs link from Command Post area of the home page. Click the "Inactive Jobs" link to see the list of your inactive jobs. Click the title of the job you want to activate. Then click "Edit this job" to go to the job editing form. At the bottom of that form is a checkbox you can use to mark the job active. Click "Save" to save the job.
  • Searching Resumes
    • What should I enter In the Keywords area?
      The keywords text box should be used to list those words that you expect will be in your desired resumes. For example, you could enter a job title such as "telecommunications security engineer" or just "security engineer." Or if there are specific skills such as Frame Relay or TCP/IP which an ideal candidate should have, you could try searching for these. The resumes returned from the search will have whatever keywords you specify. If you get too few resumes back from a search, then search again with fewer keywords. If you get too many resumes, or they are not on target, repeat the search with more keywords.
    • What's the difference between "All Keywords" and "Any Keywords?"
      If you select "All Keywords" then only those resumes which contain each and every keyword you list will be returned in your result. This will give you a smaller, more targeted result set. If you select "Any Keywords" then the resumes returned by your search will contain at least one, but not necessarily all of your keywords. This will provide a larger, less focused result set.
    • How should I format the keywords?
      When entering keywords, it is not necessary to put quotation marks, commas, or any other punctuation. Nor is it necessary to put in "and" or "or." You should simply type the words you're searching for separated by a space.
    • I'm getting too many or too few results from a search
      If you find your search returns too few results, try broadening your search. Include fewer keywords, or select "any keywords" instead of "all keywords." Also, try searching a larger geographical area, reducing the minimum education required, or allowing either permanent or contract, full or part time resumes to be displayed. If you receive too many results, try narrowing your search criteria by specifying more keywords or a more limited geographical area.
    • How do I format a Boolean search?
      Please see our boolean search tutorial
    • How do ResumeScouts work?
      To save a search as a ResumeScout, first use the resume search page to select your search criteria just as if you were doing a regular search. Click "Search." On the search results page, enter a name for the resume scout in the "Save this search as a ResumeScout" box and click "Save." Your ResumeScout will be saved and you will a weekly email notifying you of new resumes that meet your criteria. The notice will be sent to your address of record which can be changed by clicking the "View/Edit Profile" link from the home page. You can view the results of your ResumeScout at any time by going to the CommandPost area of the home page and clicking "ResumeScouts." This will take you to a list of all your ResumeScouts where you can view the results or delete ResumeScouts. Note: ResumeScouts are only available to premium subscribers.
    • How does the Briefcase function work?
      To save a resume to your briefcase, click the "Add this resume to my briefcase" link when viewing the resume. To review the resumes in your briefcase go to the Command Post section of the home page and select Briefcase. From that page you can view all the resumes in your briefcase and delete resumes you no longer want to save. Note: The briefcase function is only available to Four and Five Star users.
    • I'm not able to access my premium search features
      All premium features require that you are logged in to your premium account. To confirm you are logged in, look for a "logged in" or "logged out" indicator in the navigation bar. If not logged in, log in. Then go to the Resume Search page and click your browser's "Refresh" button. This should give you access to your premium features.
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