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Operation: Job Ready Veterans & Military Hire Partner

Military Hire and Operation: Job Ready Veterans announce a partnership of their organizations in an effort to connect veterans and their families to support veteran transition to civilian life.  

Operation: Job Ready Veterans Logo

As part of this agreement, Military Hire will provide awareness to promote the mission and message of Operation: Job Ready Veterans while connecting its customers to Military Hire job placement services, which has recently been expanded to include veterans’ direct family members.  In turn, Operation: Job Ready Veterans will provide counseling services to veterans and their families.

“Operation: Job Ready Vets’ mission is to bridge life’s transitional gaps for veterans, service members, and military families through sustainable programs and job readiness resources – positively impacting one person, one business, and one community at a time,” said Lindsey Banter,  Director of Planning & Development, Operation: Job Ready Veterans.  “We are here to support veterans and their family members with the challenges they face in transitioning from military to civilian life.”

“The alliance with Operation: Job Ready Veterans addresses major focus areas of Military Hire – family transition services and job placement,” said Military Hire COO Robert Riegle.  “As a veteran organization, we appreciate the focus Operation: Job Ready Veterans has on the family of veterans.  As Military Hire opens its job placement services of immediate family members through our site, we now have a partner who is there to support that transition with their expert services.”

Operation: Job Ready Veterans, a 501(3)c organization founded in 2007 and headquartered in Indianapolis, offers transition training titled Veterans Employment Transition Seminar (VETS) Transitioning.  Understanding the difficulty of transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce, the VETS course includes complete skills inventories, career interest and work values assessments, resume services, supportive services, networking strategies, as well as interview preparation and rehearsal sessions. Upon successful completion of the seminar, graduates and alumni have access to one-on-one and group career coaching, introductions to appropriate employment opportunities, and follow-on customized job placement services.  Once employed, VETS graduates receive additional retention services to ensure continued success for both the employer and the veteran.

Operation: Job Ready Veterans also provides employment transition assistance and customized job placement services to clients.  As a part of the alliance, these services will be made to veterans using Military Hire, allowing them to achieve their employment and career goals.  Services include pre-employment training and placement coaching, transition plan development, interview preparation and coaching, social media utilization, partnership with recruiters, networking and strategies for successful on-boarding.

Military Hire is a veteran job and services organization which has the primary goal of assisting veteran transitions from military to civilian life through job placement and awareness of other services available.  Military Hire has over 600,000 veteran members and over 25,000 companies which it serves in this initiative.

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